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Instructions: Using your Week 2 Business Case/Elevator Pitch Exercise complete the following Stakeholder Register Exercise (utilizing the register template from Exhibit 6.4 on page 183 of the Kloppenborg text). A template based on this exhibit has been provided below.

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Copy and paste the Business Case/Elevator Pitch from Week 2 in the space below (ensure it is single spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font). Fill in ten (10) identifiable stakeholders from your selected project. These need to be specific stakeholders that must be primary and prominent within the overall execution and completion of the project. Then fill in the required information as provided in the Kloppenborg text.

Your identified stakeholders need to be specific. For example, listing City Government is not specific enough. What department of the city government are you referring too? Is it several? A construction project could include engineering, planning and zoning, public works and even mayor/council. Quality of analysis and critical thought are more important in this exercise than total number of stakeholders identified. If you can breakdown an identified stakeholder group into smaller groups then you have not been specific enough. Do not leave out obvious stakeholders. Be thorough and be specific.

Copy and Paste the Business Case from Week 2:

Walmart Inc. has a plan of having a project for developing a new Home office. Walmart has since started the new office building. Since starting it with different amenities and facilities for best suiting a home office. The project in consideration proves to be essential as the employees will be able to access the unique services and specifications offered in the home office kind of setting. Walmart Inc. plans on handling the project in the best mechanisms possible to enable its completion in time. A dream home office is not just the presented layout of the amenities present. It is the space that enables individuals to be themselves and gives them authority to reflect upon themselves.

 StakeholderInterest in ProjectPrioritySupport/Mitigation Strategies

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