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History 101
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Topic contrast the Roman republic and the early Roman Empire.

HIST 101: Final Project Brainstorm

Fanny Palmer

History 101

Date 7/7/21

The objective of the final project is to research and comprehensively compare and contrast the Roman republic and the early Roman Empire. The project will contain an introduction that discusses the literature review of ancient Rome. The body will endeavor to analyze the similarities and divergences in terms of governance, times, people, methodologies, and effect of the two systems. Subsequently, a wrapping up on the peculiarities, and connection of Rome Governments. The thesis aims to unveil the inimitable characteristics of the rich history of Rome’s transitional governance (Stevenson 2014).

Rome has the most fascinating history due to its power in the first century. Ancient Rome was the most powerful in the world and ruled over Europe for a thousand years. Due to its long dominance, its culture spread the entire West. Romans are founders of many cultural and social aspects in Europe. The most remarkable aspect of Rome was its extensive growth from small farmers to the largest city in the world with millions of people. Rome created law, languages, literature art, designs, and was so instrumental in the spread of Christianity (Stevenson 2014). One of the most exciting aspects of Roman history is its transitional growth from a republic to a vast empire.

The project intends to reach analyze, compare and contrast the Roman republic and Roman Empire which is very educative and fascinating. The two had significant divergences in structure, performance, governable, seats and thus had a singular impact on the world. The evolution from the republic to the empire was accompanied by great wars, conflicts, and major changes (Crawford 2015). Analyzing these details gives an impressive idea of the origin of governance the effects of various forms of governance on the citizens. The diversity between the two systems divulges the complexity and carefulness demanded by change. In addition, it while help discover the role of illustrious prominent names such Julius Cesar, their modes of governance, and the legacy they left in the world (Crawford 2015).

Guide line

Fanny, this is an excellent proposal — for a Master’s thesis. For a short project in a survey course, it is overly ambitious. The best you can hope to achieve in a 10-page paper on all of these topics is a generalized gloss.

Select one subtopic from among those you mention. Limit your time frame and geographical area. For example, since you mention that Rome’s first-century history is fascinating, why not look at Augustus and center your academic question around what he did that created the foundation for Rome’s power? (And in your search, don’t overlook the contributions made by his wife, Livia.)

Let me know what you think.



Crawford, Michael. 2015. The Roman Republic. 5th ed. New York: Harper Press.

Stevenson, G. H. 2014. “The Roman Republic And The Founder Of The Empire – The Roman Republic And The Founder Of The Empire. By T. Rice Holmes. Three Vols. Pp. Xvi + 486; Xvi + 337; Xix + 620. Oxford: University Press, 1923. £3 3S. Net.”. The Classical Review 38 (3-4): 78-79. doi:10.1017/s0009840x0002905x.

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