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HMGT 102 -Consulting Project Instructions


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One of the key graduation requirements for all second year students is the completion of a consulting project. This, along with your reflective journal, will form the core of your assignments for the final work term.

This project is meant to showcase the courses and learning that you have acquired. It should meet two specific objectives:

· It needs to fulfill a need or solve a problem for a client.

· It will allow you to apply the skills and abilities you have developed during the past two years, showcasing your talents and moving you closer to your longer- term career goals.

There are two elements to the project:

Part A: Develop and submit a project charter that both yourself and your employer agree to and have signed off on.

Part B: Delivery of the final completed report. This essentially means that you are delivering on what you said you were going to do.

The Client

· In most circumstances, it is expected that your client will be your internship property.

· This project gives you an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, skills and abilities to your employer in a manner that moves beyond your coop position.

· Should you have a project in mind that does not involve your employer, but somehow will benefit your career in another manner, then discuss this with your CFI.

· Don’t limit yourself to the job you are currently performing. Look at the property as a whole. Use this project to broaden your understanding of the operation and its needs as well as your network.

The Project – Information

· The key to developing a good project proposal is understanding the needs of the operation; either through observation and/or discussion.

· A good project is designed to address a problem or challenge within the operation. It should be something that they have not had the resources to tackle (time, money, expertise, etc.) but that they would benefit upon completion.

· This is not a “revision” or “updating” of existing work (Like job descriptions. It should result in the research and development of new information or ideas that help to address something which the property needs to get done or to improve their competitive advantages in the marketplace.


Please note that any and all work that you submit must be original, and not copied and pasted from any previous work, or the work of others. References must be provided in text and at the end of your project following APA guidelines used by the Camosun College School of Business <http://camosun.ca/learn/school/business/current-students/documents/Avoiding-Plagiarism-APA.pdf>.

Some Ideas:

· Sustainability (IE – does the property have a sustainability program? Does a sustainability audit need to be implemented?)

· Social Media (What kind of online presence does the property have? Is the property effective in monitoring their online image and do they know what their web presence is?)

· Competitive Assessment – Examining a component of the operation relative to immediate competitors – could be in banquets, food service comparisons, etc.)

· Menu Engineering and Analysis –has this been performed within the food service department of your operation?

· Silent Shopper – has an internal assessment of service quality been implemented? If not, could develop and deliver a service assessment for the property?

The Final Report IMPORTANT READ THIS (Assignment – Part B)

Congratulations -You are almost done!

Part A of your consulting report required you to submit a project proposal. This is where the heavy lifting was.

Part B requires you to show us what you did. This is a formal report which shows us the work that you did. You will submit two copies:

· One to your employer:

· One via the D2l Dropbox to your CFI.

It is recognized that this is proprietary information. Any work submitted will be used by the college for evaluation purposes only. It will not be used in any form outside of the program without the permission of the property and the student.

It is recognized that your reports will all be different, just like your projects themselves; however, it is expected that each will contain:

· A title page

· An Executive summary

· A table of Contents

· An introduction

· The body of your report

· A conclusion

· References

· Appendices (Samples of the work you did if applicable)

As with Part A of your report it is an expectation that:

0. In-text and Reference List skills must be demonstrated (use The Camosun College, School of Business APA referencing style please). Quoting is only permitted when providing the definition of a concept to a maximum of 10% of your submitted work. Paraphrase and in cite reference all other information that you obtain from your various sources.

0. Reference List. This content is not included in the word count.

The following features should form the basis of your consulting assignment:

· Apply page numbers.

· Font style: Times New Roman, 12pt, justified, 1½ line spacing.

· Set your Margins at – top and bottom to be 2.54cm. Left and right to be 2.54cm.

· Spelling – if you are using Microsoft, please specify Canadian English language/grammar when running your spell-check.

· Writing and grammar must conform to the standards of a professional report.


HMGT 102 Consulting Project

Examining My Goals and Organizational Goals as a Guest Relation Officer at Hilton, Urumqi

Presented to: Rebecca Wu

From: Abby Liu

Word Count: 1043


1. Table of Contents

1. Project Scope

1. Business Case

1. Milestone Schedule

1. Risks, Assumptions, and Constraints

1. Resources

1. Stakeholders

1. Lessons Learned

1. Charter Signatures

1. References

Project Scope

This project is intended to enable me as an intern to finish project management issues at Hilton, Urumqi. To achieve an excellent guest relation. The project covers activities such as initiation process, execution process, implementation, and the overall output of the project.

Business Case

The aim of this project is to empower Hilton Urumqi and the association as a whole to oversee training programs in order to improve the effectiveness of guest relationships and thus customer satisfaction. Hilton believes that Labour is an important part of adding to its prosperity. Therefore, strong training will help them in their efforts when trying to achieve their goals. The training program will monitor various perspectives, such as the time required for the preparation, the assets expected to be used in the cycle, and the exact coaches involved in the preparation. The project will have a significant impact on Hilton both internally and remotely. For example, proper and satisfying guest relationships will be more useful and increase the organization’s revenue. The status of the organization will be enhanced, so that it will be placed on the publicly acceptable record. As an intern, I intend to pursue the goals of the company and research the different inputs that can bring positive changes.

Milestone Schedule and Deliverables

MilestoneCompletion DateAcceptance CriteriaStakeholder Judge
Needs assessment5th June 2021List of needed featuresEF Manager
Planning for the internship positions21st June 2021planning lists & explanationsEF Manager
Training27th June 2021Face-to-Face TrainingEF Manager
Test27th July 2021Sigh-off testHR Officer
Monitoring phase12th August 2021Product QualityClient
SALT performance rating and score ( Hilton)20th August 2021Customer satisfactionClient

Major Risks, Assumptions and Constraint

Project (Potential) RisksRisk Mitigation
ScopeFocusing on the pre-established process without deviating.
ScheduleAllocating reasonable timeframe for every tasks.
ResourcesSeeking enough outside funders and follow good management principles
TechnologyMaking sure that all technological framework are available and consistent with their respective tasks.

Adapted from Kloppenborg, Anantatmula & Wells (2015, pp. 96-97) for this assignment.

Resources Estimate

Access of Internet network.To use the Opera System, Lobby at Hilton to look at the SALT performance and CRM guest reports. Also, accessing to the Hilton online courses in the Lobby.
Employee HandbookThis will help with the understanding and discovering of all the facilities, surrounding information, hotel product and culture knowledge. This is free for new employees and handed in during the induction training.
Planning processPlanning involves activities such as visualization and establishing a track that will be followed for a project.
EquipmentThe equipment for this project include items such as computers for storage of key details with my employer involving guest relation matters.
Potential risksUnforeseen hazards, such as my computer and other equipment malfunctioning as an intern.
Implementation PhaseThe implementation phase will assume items such as commencement of work and other critical aspects, like training that the company gives to interns.

Adapted from Kloppenborg, Anantatmula & Wells (2015, p. 97) for this assignment.


StakeholderInternal/ExternalInterest in ProjectPriority
Director groupInternalBuilding reputation of the company and boosting overall performanceHigh
CEOInternalTo maintain overall performance of the companyHigh
TraineeInternalTo make sure that the company’s goals and objectives are on track.Medium
GuestsExternalTo let them satisfied with services and the experience in Hilton, Urumqi.High
EF ManagerInternalTo make sure that all activities are aligned to the goals of the company.High
IT groupInternalTo provide technical help for computer usage.Medium
OtherInternalKeep company’s goal and objectives in mind.Medium

Adapted from Kloppenborg, Anantatmula & Wells (2015, p. 97) for this assignment.

Lessons Learned

I had an interesting internship position at Hilton Urumqi. In a meeting with the organization’s CFO, I conveyed that the improved guest relationship required me to get more done in the finance and bookkeeping aspects of the organization. The tasks that were offered to me was always aware and I feel very interesting and satisfying. I would advise prospective interns to be consistent and to accept new material as quickly as possible. Because in the hospitality industry, especially in China, the brain drain is particularly severe. Every year, the hotel hires a lot of staff constantly, because a lot of old staff left.

I learned that a diligent attitude is not characterized by energy, but by perseverance. Research shows that people who don’t care about their work tend to be more relaxed and bring uncertainty to achieving their goals and organizational goals. Staying positive is crucial to making the most of any situation. As an intern, the nature of the job and the workplace is more relaxed. I can choose to use it for my potential benefit; I want to have a relaxed, friend-like conversation with my colleagues or leaders, without having to worry about the normal business model. It’s not a serious or tense relationship.

My biggest challenge is that the ideas are endless. In the morning meeting every day, I need to actively share the information of Hilton Honors Meeting and communicate with my colleagues. My manager, Rebecca, told me to do 1+1 at work, which means not only focusing on the tasks I supposed to do, but also observing if other people need help. If every department in the hospitality industry helps and collaborates with each other, then the impact will not be bad. This directly affects the guest experience.

Charter Signatures

StudentDepartment / OrganizationSignatureDate
Abby LiuFront Office- Guests Relation OfficerJune,2th, 2021
Sponsor ManagerDepartment / OrganizationSignature
Rebecca WuFront Office-Executive Floor Manager图片包含 桌子, 自行车  描述已自动生成June, 2th, 2021

Adapted from Kloppenborg, Anantatmula & Wells (2015, p. 98) for this assignment


Kloppenborg, T., Anantatmula, V. S., & Wells, K. (2015). Contemporary project management. Cengage Learning.

Projektmenedzsment útmutató (PMBOK® guide). (2017). https://doi.org/10.1556/9789634545019

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