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AH598: Healthcare Administration Capstone

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Capstone Project Outline/Contents

I. Cover/Title Page II. Table of Contents

III. Abstract – written last a. 150 to 250 words b. Concise and non-evaluative c. Not an introduction

IV. Chapter 1 – Problem Statement (5 to 7 pages) a. Introduction b. What is the specific problem within the healthcare environment that needs to be

addressed? c. History of problem

i. When did it first appear? ii. Who does it affect?

1. Demographics iii. What has been done historically if anything?

d. Current scope i. Significance of problem

ii. What is currently being done? iii. What role does management currently play within the context of the

issue? iv. Responsibility of problem

1. Who owns it? 2. Why does it remain unaddressed or persist?

v. Is it related to cost, access, or quality – combination or all? e. Definition of terms f. Conclusion

V. Chapter 2 – Literature Review (5 to 7 pages) a. Introduction b. What has been published? c. Theoretical framework within which the problem exists d. Literature review full circle e. Conclusion

(Not just a regurgitation of what has been published – rather this is an analysis of what is known and not known about the problem)

VI. Chapter 3 – Strategic Plan (5 to 7 pages) a. Introduction b. What should management do?

i. Implementation 1. Costs – direct and indirect

a. Who will pay? b. Sustainability?

2. Labor needed a. Special training required?

3. Technology needed a. Current systems in place?

4. Communication a. Gaining employee buy-in b. Formal versus informal

ii. Short term versus long-term planning c. Who will benefit?

i. Organization? 1. Leadership? 2. Employees?

ii. Patients? iii. Providers

d. What will the healthcare environment look like once problem is solved? e. Conclusion

VII. Chapter 4 – Recommendations for Future Study/Limitations (2 to 3 pages) a. Introduction b. Possible barriers for implementation

i. Social barriers – if any ii. Political barriers – if any

c. Limitations of plan i. Scope

ii. Cost d. Conclusion

VIII. Chapter 5 – References a. Introduction b. 80% newer than 5 years c. Germinal research present d. At least 20 references e. All references cited in body f. No active hyperlinks g. Conclusion

IX. Appendices – if any (Tables, charts, etc.)

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