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Art 103 – Art Appreciation

Reflective Analysis #1 – Themes in Art

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The Reflective Analysis provides you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to artworks that you haven’t seen before with an emphasis on your personal response and interpretation.

Reflective Analysis #1 focuses on themes in art and finding meaning in what we see.


· Choose one of the themes from this week’s lecture and/or reading that interests you – one you’d like to explore further.

· Identify an artist that interests you from among the readings we’ve completed, the links provided or an artist that you are already familiar with.

· Find an artwork by that artist other than one we’ve seen in class which you’d like to reflect on.

In your analysis include a copy of the picture and answer the following reflective questions in one to two paragraphs:

1. Who is the artist and what is the title of the artwork?

2. Why did you choose the artist/artwork – what is generally interesting to you about it?

3. Which theme(s) that we learned about can you associate with the artwork? Remember, an artwork is never about one thing.

4. Reflect in detail how/why the artwork is a good example of the theme(s).

5. Are there broader social, cultural or political messages conveyed by the artwork?

6. Was your initial, subjective interpretation of the art object correct? Or, did it change as you found out more about the context of the artwork?

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