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Watch the video then answer the questions listed below.

The Columbian Exchange: World History Crash Course #23

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Watch The Video Then Answer The Questions Listed Below.
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1. Columbian Exchange can be broken down into four major categories: ______________, _________________, ______________, and _______________________.

2. It’s estimated that _______ to _______ of Caribbean Islanders/Native Americans/Amerindians died due to diseases brought by the arrival of Europeans.

3. What were some of the “secondary effects” of diseases?

4. The one disease that traveled from “new world” (Americas) to “old world” (Europe) was __________________.  One good that made the same trip was ___________________.

5. Three imported animals to the Americas that were revolutionary included ___________, ____________, and ________________.

6. What are the advantages of pigs as livestock?

7. What other changes occurred as a result of the introduction of these animals?

8. Why did the introduction of new foods make it possible for the world population to double between 1650 and 1850?

9. What’s one example given for the transfer of people during the Columbian Exchange?

10. In your opinion, was the Columbian Exchange good or bad for humanity? Defend your answer with examples.

Here is a link to the video …….. https://youtu.be/HQPA5oNpfM4

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