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  • Respond to the following post:
    • I have enjoyed interacting with each of you during this term. Please provide feedback on what you learned the most from this course and what can be improved for this course. You will not be required to submit feedback on your classmates post in this forum. Thank you!

The following questions should be a help to the assignment! Response need to 100 words or more!!!

  • List, describe, and discuss the four marketing management philosophies (simply listing the definition will not suffice as a descriptive answer; be sure to provide examples).
  • Discuss Ansoff’s strategic opportunity matrix and provide at least one example of how a company has implemented this strategy.
  • Discuss the process of implementing a marketing plan (this should be descriptive and detailed).
  • Explain in detail the concept of a marketing mix and why firms must alter their marketing mix.
  • How does marketing strategy differ based on the level of involvement associated with purchasing a product? This should be a detailed discussion. Provide examples.
  • Identify three psychological factors that affect consumer buying decisions. Explain how these factors influence consumers decisions and how marketers use this information to successfully market their products and/or services to consumers.
  • What is geographic segmentation? Briefly explain why consumer goods companies take a geographic approach to marketing.
  • Explain the roles of marketing research and its importance in making marketing decisions.
  • What is competitive intelligence (CI)? Discuss how it helps managers and how it is used.
  • Discuss in detail product mix width and product line depth and how they are relevant for marketers.
  • What do marketing managers learn about communicating with and targeting the potential customers from understanding the innovation diffusion process?
  • What is blockchain and how do firms use it to meet organizational objectives? Provide examples.
  • Discuss the concept of AIDA in detail and its relevance for marketers.
  • Explain the different stages of the product life cycle and how marketers adjust their promotion mix for the most successful impact at each stage.
  • Explain what is mean by media planning and how advertisers decide which medium to choose to best communicate their advertising objective. Discuss the importance of media planning in advertising.
  • Explain the role of social media in marketing and discuss the implications of social media for marketers.

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