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Topic: Reflective Analysis
Due Date: 2pm on Wednesday the week after your
placement (See FLO site for specific due date)
Length 2000 words (+/- 10%)
Contribution to grade: 40%
A reflection encourages you to think about your personal reaction to a situation and is a
very important part of your nursing practice. Being able to reflect on both positive and
negative aspects will guide your practice and facilitate development of your knowledge,
understanding and skills (Stonehouse, 2019). As a result, you will be able to provide
better, safer care for your patients.
This assessment is an analysis of the patient from the Clinical handover completed in
week 3 of your professional experience placement.
Reflect on one (1) aspect of your nursing care (and understanding) of the patient who
was the focus in your Clinical Handover which you completed in Assessment 3A.
In your reflective, indicate an aspect of your handover, of the patient that you have
chosen to focus on, and your rationale for this. It is expected that you use the structure
of an appropriate Reflective Cycle (you will find some examples in module 7).
Note: examples of aspects of care may include something specific about the patient, a
medication or treatment, a process, etc. If you are unsure, please ask your tutor.
This reflection is based on your Clinical Handover (Assessment 3A).
Your marker will look at the clinical handover you submitted prior to marking
this assessment.
Stonehouse, D. (2019). Reflection and you. British Journal of Healthcare Assistants, 13(4), 182-184.
NURS3002 Advanced Decision Making
• Your assessment must be generated in Word format – i.e. .doc/.docx (not pdf).
• Appropriate line spacing at least 1.15 – 1.5. Basic font of arial, calibri or similar, size
11 or 12.
• Written in coherent Australian English that demonstrates progression towards the
standard for written communication for professional nursing practice in Australia.
• Include a footer in your assignment with your student FAN details.
• You may use headings from your chosen reflective cycle to direct the reader in the
body of the text.
• Use of appropriate professional terminology is expected, do not use acronyms,
abbreviations or nursing jargon.
• You can use 1st person when writing your reflective, however present your
information in paragraphs using correct grammar.
• Stay within word count. Markers will not read/mark over the +10% of word count.
– APA 6th edition format is the expected referencing style for both in-text citations
and reference list (refer to your Student Companion on FLO for this).
– Markers must be able to access ALL of your resources.
– Aim for quality, reliable and reputable journals relevant to nursing practice and the
Australian healthcare industry, or reputable, reliable professional websites (NOT
consumer based websites).
– All referencing should be less than 8 years old
– You must have a minimum of 3 peer reviewed journal articles, in addition to other
references to support your statements.
– Be aware of your academic responsibility and professional nursing practice
requirements when using the work of others in assignments*.
*PLAGIARISM …. Don’t waste your time, or our time, by submitting work that is
copied, purchased, or plagiarised! Please note that breaches of academic integrity
will be lodged with the University and may have serious consequences.

  • Please use the rubric to guide you with what is expected.
  • See pages 3-4

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