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A. New reading: the Handbook(“Enchiridion”) by Greek speaking Stoic philosopher Epictetus (AD 55 – 135). See the scanned text here: Handbook of Epictetus (2).pdf 

The immersion in Stoicism will be helpful in these stressful times and will offer a helpful contrast with existentialist thinkers Jean-Paul Sartre + Simone de Beauvoir.  

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B. Watch the following recording: 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wipudlxSFqo (Links to an external site.)

C. Write-up due before Thursday’s class at 7:45 am:  please note that this includes “to live like a Stoic for an hour or two”. So please take a look at the assignment asap to prep!

Stoical experiment exercise:

C 1: READ and SELECT AND EXPLAIN: From Epictetus, select at least two quotesyou find essential to his philosophy, and write them down, and explain them. 

C 2: Choose a period of your day, where you  try to live for one -two hours according to the principles of Epictetus’ philosophy as you find exemplified in your selected quotes. In your private notes, keep a record of your experiences and include 2 things that worked and 2 things that did not work.

C 3: Write an essay of minimally 350 words essays, including the above quotes and their explanations (C1) and include and describe your experiences as you experimented with Stoicism (C2).  What did you learn about Stoicism? What worked and did not work? What did you learn about yourself?

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