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Write an essay of 1500 words.You need to choose any one question.All details have been written in the attachment.Thank you

CST 120 Assessment 1 (2020)

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CST 120 Assessment 1 Essay
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Due 4pm, June 4 2021

Essay worth 25%

Choose one essay question and write an essay of 1500 words. Answer one question only.


1. You may use any recognised referencing style.

2. There is no set number of references required, but it is expected that your essay will demonstrate

clearly that you have engaged with the subject readings and lectures.

3. You may cite the lectures. It should be referenced as follows, Buchanan Lecture X.

Your essay will be evaluated against the following criteria:

(1)Thesis statement: Clearly and concisely states the essay’s purpose and demonstrates the

relevance of the content of the essay to the question. Contains a declarative sentence that is

engaging and thought provoking.

(2)Using evidence: uses externally sourced material, such as research findings, facts, quotations,

or other forms of information to support a more general claim, idea or argument.

(3)Developing argument: constructs a coherent and convincing set of reasons for holding a

particular point of view.

(4)Critical evaluation: contains evaluative assertions or descriptive points about the value,

significance, strengths and/or weaknesses of elements referred to in the essay.

(5)Structuring: formal arrangement of the essay that supports the development of ideas within

the essay. Has clearly recognisable introductory and concluding paragraphs, and paragraphs in the

main body of the essay each have a clear, single concept or point as their main focus.

(6)Use of Language: adheres to conventions of written English (word choice, grammar,

punctuation and spelling) and is appropriate to the purpose and context.

(7)Referencing: correct and consistent referencing and full bibliography.

Question 1

It can be argued that what we throw out as waste is indicative of who ‘we’ are as a culture. Discuss.

Question 2

The growth of the pornography industry depends on two things: (1) demand for its product and (2)

the social acceptance of that demand. Discuss.

Question 3

According to Moreton-Robinson, Australian culture celebrates the beach as an almost exclusively

white space. Discuss.

Question 4

The ‘past’ of invented traditions is also invented, according to Hobsbawm. Discuss with respect to

Australia Day.

Question 5

All cultural institutions engage in processes of interpellation because they call on us to recognize

ourselves as the ‘type’ of person who goes to that institution and would derive benefit from doing

so. Discuss with respect to aquariums.

Question 6

The lockdowns imposed in response to Covid-19 made very apparent just how much we take

mobility for granted in contemporary society. Discuss.

Question 7

Anderson proposes that the nation can be understood as an ‘imagined community’. What does he

mean by this? Discuss using Australia as your example.

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