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Music 105 Final Project Goal:

To explore a “music-culture” as it relates to an individual or group (your “informant”) that has a relationship to music in order to gain insight into both the substance of this music as well as its role in the life or lives of the study’s subject(s). You will be creating a musical “ethnography”.

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Steps: A. Read Chapter 11 in Titon. Keep a copy of the 4 components of a music/culture outline (last page

of your terminology hand-out, or p. 17 of Titon textbook) close at hand.

B. Develop a questionnaire that addresses the following points (do not make the Q & A’s the paper itself – write the material up):

1. Biographical information: date & place of birth, places of residence (with dates); family members, school, religion, ethnicity, etc.

2. Informant’s musical training, experiences, music budget & what $$’s are spent on, etc.

3. If the music involves musical activities, describe them. Does the person play in an ensemble? What other activities relate to your informant’s musical ties?

4. Musical tastes of informant’s friends, family, etc.

5. Specific artists or repertoire that the informant listens to (or participates in)

6. Sources for the informant’s music (radio, CD, TV, movies, internet, live performances,etc)

7. Various ways informant experiences the music (what he/she/they do or think while listening)

8. Any other areas of inquiry that might interest you.

C. Interview a person (or group) with a relationship to music.

D. Document the music if possible. Record it or provide a recording if you can. You may also include photo images to enhance your report.

E. Using the 4 components of a music/culture outline, analyze and interpret the information gathered in your interview and relate that information to the outline’s components and draw conclusions from that work. Make sure you include a discussion of the style elements that characterize the music that your informant s n o e t (tonal style elements, time style elements, formal style elements, text, etc.) Remember – it is the person(s) you interviewed and that person’s relationship to music as well as the music itself that is the subject of your paper. to e e op top c somet n s n c nt o t t e m s c en e n t s e t ons p to t s c e to s o pe o me s o e mp e ton es t e e mp e o t e o e o en e n spec c m s c s t t ons s poss e top c o o m t nt to t n o t t e econom c spects o t e e t ons p n o t e en e

. Minimum 5 pages of text in the standard format (12 point times font, double spaced) plus any media.


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