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Write at least 300 words or 1 page the following:

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Discussion: Two Tier Health Care System
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Be prepared to either defend or take the other side of each of the following propositions using analysis and facts from the readings in this chapter.

  1. A two-tier health care system – one that tolerates different standards of access and care according to wealth and social position – is morally unjustified because health care is a basic human right of fundamental importance.
  2. A system of socialized medicine like that in Canada is distinctly un-American and will lead to massive rationing of services.
  3. In order to have a coherent health care financing system, it is essential to sever the link between employment and insurance.
  4. The best feasible way to guarantee everyone access to a decent minimum level of health care is to fund a comprehensive network of public hospitals and outpatient clinics as a safety net for those without health insurance.


Hall, M. A., Bagley, N., & Orentlicher, D. (2018b). The Law of Health Care Finance and Regulation (Aspen Select) (4th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.

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