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Three presents the concept of security surveys and audits. It also discusses the steps needed to identify security deficiencies or excesses, determine the protection necessary for each situation, and make recommendations to improve overall security, including identifying threats, controls, the level of risk, and completing a risk assessment. Based on your collective knowledge and understanding now about the security surveys and the audits, please respond to the following:

What are security surveys and audits, and how do they fit into the security design process?

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• Ask an interesting, thoughtful question pertaining to the topic

• Answer a question (in detail) posted by another student or the instructor

• Provide extensive additional information on the topic

• Explain, define, or analyze the topic in detail

• Share an applicable personal experience

• Provide an outside source that applies to the topic, along with additional information about the topic or the source (please make sure to cite, paraphrase properly using APA 7E guide)

• Make an argument concerning the topic.

• You MUST use at least one scholarly source in the initial discussion thread. Be sure to use information from your readings and other sources. Use proper citations, paraphrasing and references in your post.

• DO NOT Copy and Paste Directly from the textbook or any other sources into the DF as your response. Its a violation that has severe consequences. 

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