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Cyber ransomware attacks

The first part

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1. What is a cyber ransomware attack?

2. Use specific data to illustrate whether the frequency of network ransomware attacks is increasing or decreasing in recent years.

3. Take an example of a cyber ransomware attack and describe it(Use the following example)


The second part: Prevent recommendation

Be very specific with examples and clear in your explanations

1. Australia and the United States have relevant legislation to prevent network ransomware attacks, please give examples

2. How can Australia and the United States regulate it through relevant legislation, please give examples

3. Besides legislation, what other measures can the two countries take to prevent it, please give examples

4. Is there any cooperation between Australia and the United States in preventing cyber ransomware attacks, please give examples

Format requirements: TIMES NEW ROMAN ( size 12)

APA 6th


Write clearly and fluently, avoiding grammar and spelling mistakes as much as possible

This is a research report, so we should try to refer to as many academic journal as possible. A total of 700 words, not including references. And We should focus on the second part.

Reference types:

What do you mean by using academic references?

An academic reference is a reference from a scholarly source (e.g. academic journal, book), a government or governmental agency publication (e.g. FATF, AUSTRAC) or non- governmental agency which contains scholarly references.

Can I use non-academic references?

Yes, you can use non-academic references e.g. private sector submission to a government body; reputable private sector website; reputable newspapers or blogs written by reputable persons (i.e. persons who by knowledge, qualifications or employment can make a valuable contribution).

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