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Students will watch one of the following Art 21 Episodes (linked below) and give a full analysis of each artist in their chosen episode. Students only have to watch one episode, each episode features 3-4 artists. Each artist should be analyzed in the following way:

1. Formal analysts of 2-3 of their artworks. Where do you see artistic elements and principles? How do you process and understand the work because of them? Give specific examples. 

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2. Process/Materials analysis of their works. What process is the artist interested in? Give a brief explanation of how this process informs your viewing and understanding of their work. Do you enjoy it? What about it do you appreciate, or not appreciate?

3. What are the main themes in their work? How do you see these present? What are their comments on the theme? Do you agree with them? Did they inform your interpretation or understanding of that theme/idea? How? Give specific examples.

I expect these submissions to be approx 4 pages long, (a strong paragraph for each of these questions, meaning a page of content for each artist, approx. 4 artists per episode makes 4 pages). Please be thorough, detailed, and explanatory, yet clear and concise in your ideas.


Art 21 – Identity: (Links to an external site.) Bruce Nauman, Kerry James Marshall, Louise Bourgeois, Maya Lin, William Wegman

Art 21 – Consumption: (Links to an external site.) Andrea Zittel, Barbara Kruger, Matthew Barney, Mel Chin, Michael Ray Charles

Art 21 – Place (Links to an external site.): Barry McGee, Laurie Anderson, Margeret Kilgallen, Pepon Osorio, Richard Serra, Sally Mann

Art 21 – Sprirtuality (Links to an external site.):  Ann Hamilton, Beryl Korot, James Turrell, John Feodorov, Shahzia Sikander

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