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 For 1-10, sentences below, Determine the type of ambiguity involved (grouping, semantic, syntactic, verbal), and (2) write at least two sentences that disambiguate the original sentence.  Remember to follow the Golden Rules of Disambiguation.  Remember especially to add no new meaning-bearing elements, which is using precision to circumvent ambiguity.  (We can’t read the writer’s mind.)   

  1. She saw the farmer with binoculars.
  2. Lions eat more than horses eat.
  3. We were invited to go to the movies yesterday.
  4. The biggest Yankees fans live in New York City.
  5. Drop your trousers here for best results.
  6. Chicagoans drink more beer than New Yorkers do.
  7. They were both exposed to someone who was ill a week ago.
  8. “AT&T – for the life of your business.”
  9. People are getting older.
  10. That was a knotty issue.

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