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Write 2 or 3 summaries of the readings or videos and a 2-page essay

1. Write 2 or 3 summaries.

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2. Write a 2-page essay

Go to this website: http://math.sfsu.edu/federico/ethicsinmath.html

Study at least 2 or 3 of the readings or videos, on topics that you find

particularly interesting. Write a short summary of each (2 or 3).

In 1-2 pages:

What does ‘doing mathematics ethically’ mean to you? This question is an

invitation to recognize the power you carry as a mathematician, and the

privilege and responsibility that comes with it. When you enter a scientific

career, you do not leave yourself at the door. You can choose how to use

that power.http://math.sfsu.edu/federico/ethicsinmath.html

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