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I need a conclusion for the PowerPoint that I’m about to present as a group below you will find my group PowerPoint I only need the conclusion

Assignment 2: Leading Change by Putting People First

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PowerPoint Conclusion For My Class Leading Change By Putting People First Assignment Too
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Presented by: Isis Evans, Arielle Green, Evan Schwartz, Vera Vankline, Vanessa Woodard

Establishing a Sense of Urgency

Improvements needed in morale and overall organizational culture with a shift to developing leaders and help the team to grow.

Major inequity and lack of diversity for current leadership team

A more diverse staff that was developed into strong leaders would allow the organization to grow more consistently.

Empower current employees to take on new roles which would prepare them for promotions…meet them where they are and support them as they reach the next level.

Establishing a Sense of Urgency, Continued

Share financial picture of organization and how initiative will support our goals (Kotter, 2012).

Organization needs to have a competitive edge, so we must maximize our talent pool.

Present stakeholders will current opportunities including reward systems and sharing clear path to obtain them (Kotter, 2012).

Creating a Guiding Coalition

HR can support the initiative by focusing on a clear communication plan and presentation of the pertinent information (JWI556 Week 4 Lecture Notes).

HR can ensure that there are “enough proven leaders to be able to drive the change process” (Kotter, 2012).

It is important to promote the employees with the right skills, influence, and energy to ensure the initiative is successful (JWI556 Week 3 Lecture Notes).

Creating a Guiding Coalition, Contd.

Focus on early adopters and allow them to spread the word (Welch, 2005).

Collaboration will be key at this time. Team members will be able to collaborate, which will allow for stakeholders to share common ground (Webber & Webber, 2015).

Putting Together the Coalition: Position Power, Expertise, Credibility, Leadership

How should we put together the guiding coalition?

Position Power- Make sure key players are on board.

Expertise-Utilize a diverse team to take the organization to the next level.

Credibility- The team must consist of people that are viewed as credible and the foundation of the organization.

Leadership-Ensure proven leaders are supporting the initiative

(Kotter, 2012).


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