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Final Paper Guidelines

Office hours: Brian: Monday 9—11 AM

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Misael: Wednesday 2—4 PM

Nora: Thursday 4—6 PM


4 pages, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced


2 reliable sources outside of class. Please cite them and write a bibliography. You can follow MLA, Chicago, or whatever format you are most comfortable with, just make it consistent.

If you cite within the text, it should look like the following:

“…the grass is green” (Tsou, 13).

(Last name, pg #). <– period outside of the parenthesis


Pick a relevant topic, situation, event, dilemma that is important to you. Apply (one or more) philosophers or philosophies that you have learned in this class in order to interpret the situation.


1. Introduction


2. Problem/ Situation

Describe it briefly in one paragraph

3. Application of Philosopher/ Philosophy You can use multiple paragraphs here

4. Objection to the philosopher/philosophy

At least one paragraph

5. Response to the objection

At least one paragraph

6. Conclusion/ Implications

One paragraph

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