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Memoir Analysis of Breaking Night

DUE: May 19, 2021 11:59pm

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Memoir Analysis On The Book Breaking Night
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(6-7 double-spaced pages, APA format)

50 points


The purpose of the memoir assignment is twofold: (1) to identify indicators of abuse and child neglect and (2) to explore the role of trauma in child welfare. In this paper you will provide an overview of the book and discuss the stressors in Liz Murray’s family. Additionally, you will analyze the role of social workers that influenced Liz Murray.

Required Components of the Paper

Introduction and Synopsis of the Book

Start by providing a 1-2 paragraph overview or synopsis of the book. Introduce the theme of Liz’s struggle in childhood and adolescence.

Discussion of Trauma in Liz’s Life

Make sure you cover the following areas:

· What are the family members’ ways of adapting to the stresses of living in

this particular family? Be sure to identify each member of the family.

· What impact did poverty have on Liz’s childhood?

· What other ACEs are evident in Liz’s childhood?

· Discus the effects of the ACEs and their associated trauma on Liz and her family members.

· Analyze the role of social workers/child welfare workers in the memoir.

Discussion of Resilience in Liz’s Life

In this section you should identify and describe the strengths, assets, and resources that

helped Liz affect change in her life. Make sure you cover the following areas:

· Which intervention strategies that we discussed from the film on resilience were helpful to Liz?

· Which relationships were essential in buffering Liz from the trauma in her life?

· Did white privilege play a role in Liz’s access to resources? Does white privilege continue to play a role in her life today?


Pull your paper together with a brief summary of your paper and provide a statement of recommendation or condemnation (or a little of both) of the book.

You are not required to do additional research for this assignment, outside of the textbook, films,

other assigned readings, or learning activities.

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