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I need help with a paper that is due by May 18th regarding criminal investigation.  It has to be 1,000 to 1,200 words and in APA style format. Please see attachment listed below

Students will be able to analyze sexual assault and the challenges that it possess on law enforcement. In the last 30 years, policies and procedures have changed how law enforcement conducts interviews in and investigates sexual assault cases. This assignment will try to challenge a student’s assumptions of how the process works, but once into the details, the student will gain a fair understanding of how damaging sexual assault is and how it affects everyone involved.

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I Need Help With An Criminal Investigation Assignment Due By May 18th
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In a 1,000–1,200-word essay, examine the elements of why sexual assault is very difficult for law enforcement to investigate, and discuss some potential mechanisms that you would put in place to help lessen the trauma for victims. Provide at least 2 references to substantiate your claims.

· Visit the university library, and research sexual assault.

· Address why sexual assault cases are a challenge to law enforcement.

· Describe ways in which rape shield laws are sometimes used to discredit a victim.

· Cite your sources via APA.

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