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Assignment: 20 points

For your final assignment, you will first go here:

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Ethnicity In The United States
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Then, read this for more context:


Take a look at the way racial and/or ethnic categories have changed from one census to the next and put together a comparative analysis of the way ethnicity is understood during different time periods. For example, you can compare the census of 1880 to the census of 1890 and research why Japanese became a category when it was not one before. Then, you will read 5 other sources of information about Japanese people at the time and connect your findings to the lessons you learned in the course. You can write about how the Japanese experienced American life from the time they were not counted, the time they began to be counted and any other time period after. Then, repeat again for another ethnicity. Your final page will include a paragraph or two comparing the two analyses and a bibliography. I will assign 10 points to one analysis of an ethnicity and 10 points to another. Make sure you put together a bibliography at the end of your 3 page assignment.


Page 1: Analysis of Ethnicity 18
Page 2: Analysis of Ethnicity 28
Page 3: Comparison of Analyses and Bibliography4
Total Points20

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