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Assignment due on Monday, May 17, 2021 at 1pm est.

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Please address the following four (4) mini exercises.

1. Organize the following data in any way you see appropriate (college level style). Feel free to include comments on further questions/ideas you might have. Consider using Excel and cut and paste any chart or graph in this document.

XYZ Company customer and revenue data report

• Company A, 100 employees, customer for 10 years

• Company B, 20 employees, customer for 1 year

• Company C, unknown, customer for 5 years

• Tech Industry, five companies, $300,000 revenue

• Retail Industry, eight companies, $1M revenue

• Healthcare Industry, 20 companies, $35M revenue

Comments: ___________________________________________.

2. You provide administrative support to two executives and the entire office of 15 staff. Executive A understands that your time is split between another executive and the office staff. Executive B demands a workload that prevents you from supporting Executive A and the rest of your office staff comprehensively. How would you handle this professionally?

3. Create a Presentation in five (5) slides or fewer describing:

• Your current job – As a stay at home mom with children who are virtual learning

4. Create a document in 300 words or less, describing why you’re a good fit for this Executive Assistant role.

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