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 In order to get full credit for each discussion, you will need to post a  thoughtful, well-written response to the question and respond to two of  your classmates’ answers. 

I am excited that this new semester has begun. I hope that everyone is staying safe and is excited for the new semester. I am currently working towards my bachelors in Biology. I am a full time student and I have a full time job but when I’m not working or studying I like to cook and paint. I love to paint landscapes and I also love to paint abstract art. Art is a form of relieving stress for me and a way of learning about new cultures. I also enjoy investing in the stock market, I am not the best at it but I enjoy learning about it. My professional goal is to be someone who is successful in the medical field. My favorite study strategy is Cornell notes, because I can have the best of both worlds. In my Cornell notes I include visuals and examples that help me with comprehension. The best learning environment for me is a quiet room with little to no people because otherwise I can be distracted by surrounding sounds. Before beginning in the fall I had taken a leap year to adjust and establish a stable job and through that leap year I was able to learn to be more independent and gained skills that will help me in the long run. My expectations for this course is to gain a basic understanding of psychology so that when I have to take other courses that require Understanding of psychology I can be prepared. 

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I am looking forward to getting to know the rest of you!

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