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Introduce yourself to the group and explain your background. Describe your professional goals.
Include what you hope to accomplish by the end of the course. Do you have any experience running statistical analyses in any context?

After reading the Module Overview and Chapter 1 in the textbook, choose something you measure at work or at home. Describe what it is, how you measure it, and why this method does or does not produce precise/reliable and valid measurements. Why is having precise and valid measurements so important?

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Discussion Reply- Response 1-2 Paragraphs With 1-2 References
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When responding to your peers, let them know if you agree or disagree with their assessment of the precision/reliability and validity of their measuring tool/method of measurement. Provide another tool that they could use to measure whatever they chose and discuss whether it is more or less precise and valid than their measuring tool.

Please response to my two classmates. Above is the discussion question. Their responses are attached.

Deborah Valentine

Hello everyone!

I am Deborah Valentine and after this class, then 2 more, I will have achieved my Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration! On the downhill slide! I am really anxious about this class, statistics is not my strong suit, but I have made every option available to get through and pass. I have taken basic statistics during my Associate’s Degree and found it hard, but I passed. I currently am employed by Lowe’s as a dept. supervisor in building materials and pro services. Constantly measuring lumber, plywood, along with figuring the proper amount of materials for decking, roofing, etc. by a measuring tape and calculator. I have found that measuring tapes can be off as much as 1/8″ depending on brand and origin of manufacturer. Imperial and metric measurements are usually off during conversion, so a measuring tape made in country that uses metrics will not be as accurately transferred as one would believe. Having precise measurement can mean a recut or using a new board to finish a project, even if it is an 1/8″ short or long. This will cause the project to be prolonged by as much as 3 hours if there is another trip made to pick up more lumber. Calculating 10% more material ensures any miscuts can be quickly resolved, which is what is normally recommended.

I look forward to communicating with all of you this semester! Good luck everyone!

Erica Poe

Hello All

My name Erica and I am currently receiving my Master’s in Healthcare Administration. I am pretty sure most of you are if you’re in this classJ. I have a background in working with mental health individuals and foster children. As I am a Regional Director at a not-for profit organization, my hopes is to one day lead a group of professionals in a more clinical setting. Lately I have been craving to get back to my roots working in mental health.

I honestly, do not have a clue about biostatistics, but if it is anything like math, I’m confident I will catch on to the material. By the end of this course, I am hoping to gain more knowledge and apply it to my career or daily life.

Every year I have to provide teenagers a life skill assessment. The assessment is done on a 1-5 skill, where one is rated as I do not know and 5 is rated as I definitely do know. This is to identify how much work is needed to prepare one for adulthood. This assessment is extremely important because many foster youths are not prepare for life after foster care and end up having a short life span. The measurements allow us to close the gap and provide resources to the families in preparing the youth for adulthood.

Looking forward to learning more about biostatistics and to how to use it in healthcare.

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