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Complete the Decision-Making Technique Matrix.

Evaluation: Completeness (each column and row ) and of the matrix with 4 techniques

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Decision Making Technique Matrix
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Remember that a decision process or technique must result in a decision being made. 

If whatever technique you’ve identified does not result in a decision, it is not a decision technique. 

It might be an analytical technique or an idea generating technique, but these do not result in decisions in themselves. 

Identifying who should make a decision or how many people will be involved in a decision is NOT a decision technique. 

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Decision-Making Technique MatrixCPMGT/304 Version 111

University of Phoenix Material

Decision-Making Technique Matrix

Identify 4 techniques or processes for effective decision-making in project management.

Describe the effectiveness or efficiency of each decision-making technique or process.

Provide a rationale for the use of each technique or process.

Provide a real world example.

Decision-Making TechniqueEffectiveness or EfficiencyRationale for UseReal Worl Example

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