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Assignment No 1. ——————————————–20 Marks (2x 10)

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1. A. Examine Aboriginal residential schools’ history in Canada. What are the problems faced by the students in these schools?

B. Identify 5 Aboriginal communities living in Canada and their demography, economic and living conditions.

2. A. Identify terms such as race, racial groups, racial and ethnic identity

B. Explain different forms of racism such as cultural, institutional, and individual racism.

Required: 1. Detailed research with references. (Max 6 pages including cover page and references)

2. Cover page with students’ name and student’s number, Course name and assignment topic or number

3. Font size 12-line gap 1.5; style Arial and Calibri body

Note: References to be cited as per APA 6 formats. No copy and paste allowed.  Please submit your assignment as per the deadlines. Please mention your name, student number and course name one your cover page.

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