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Case Study 1

A 37-year-old male patient came to your primary care clinic c/o of a lesion in his genital area (see pic

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Case Study 1 And 2
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below). Pt states that the lesion appeared 7 (seven) days ago. Pt denies pain in the area. Pt states using

some cream with no improvement.

1) What other information you would need from this patient (Please include at least 5 five)

2) What would it be the epidemiological information you may take into consideration in this case?

3) What would it be your first impression diagnosis for this case and what testing/screening labs you

would order (please provide rationale)

4) Would you apply any empiric treatment based on your diagnosis?

5) What type of education you would provide to this patient?


Case Study 2

66-year-old female patient comes to your clinic with a PMH of Hypertension and arthritis in her right

knee. Pt states that 72 hours ago she underwent an infiltration in his right knee at this rheumatologist

doctor’s office because she complained of pain no resolved with NSAID.

Today she presented to your primary office with pain in her right knee, with signs and symptoms of

fever (102ºF) and reduced mobility.

1) What do you suspect?

2) What would you order for this patient, and what do you think you would find?

3) What would it be your recommendation in this case?

4) Would you recommend any empirical treatment? For how long?

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