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Week 7 Assignment Course Project
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Course Objectives:

  • CO1 Define the legal environment that is applicable to the business world.
  • CO2 Review basic business law concepts
  • CO3 Describe the litigation system in the United States CO4 Apply legal concepts to business to business scenarios
  • CO5 Analyze the differences between major forms of intellectual property protection, and current ethical issues that arise under intellectual property law
  • CO6 Identify antitrust issues in business decisions
  • CO7 Analyze what a contract is, how a contract is formed, the types of law that govern contracts, the elements of common-law contract formation, and defenses to contracts
  • CO8 Identify various forms of business structure
  • CO9 Evaluate employment laws affecting business
  • CO10 Define ethical environment that is applicable to the business world.
  • CO11 Identify means to avoid alter ego liability
  • CO12 Evaluate how the Sarbanes Oxley Act applies to business.


Reflecting on the concepts in the course, select and research one (1) of the company situations listed below and prepare a PowerPoint presentation of the legal and ethical issues surrounding it. At least one source citation for each company is provided to get you started and you may use this citation as one of your required sources. It is expected you will use the course Lessons and required readings plus your own independent research of credible sources in support of this presentation. At least two sources should be peer-reviewed articles or scholarly texts from the library.

Your presentation should include the following, organized in professionally designed slides with accompanying Speaker’s Notes or Audio and/or video narrative. Further instructions for the PPT are also below:


1. Introduce the company (e.g. name, type of business, its corporate structure);

2. Define and explain the core ethical dilemma confronting the company, with pertinent facts;  this includes why it is an ethical issue; clearly define the dilemma and what area of law is involved (e.g. contract, torts, etc.);  be clear as to the company’s situation and its ethical choices – the action the company chose to do and at least one other, different, choice;

3. Identify, define and explain an ethical framework that supports, or is illustrated in, the choice/action the company made.

4. Identify, define and explain another ethical framework that the company leadership could have utilized in this situation and explain how utilization of this alternate ethical framework would have led to a different result in deciding the ethical dilemma. Explain specifically how the company effectively could have employed this framework.

5. Recommend: Lessons learned. What lessons can business management leaders learn from this case study for management of business operations? Recommend and explain at least one business practice. In determining and designing your recommendation consider the concepts in areas of law we have studied this term, e.g. contracts, tort liability, corporate structure and policy, corporate social responsibility, Sarbanes-Oxley, employment laws, litigation, etc. A good business practice recommendation can relate to any one or combination of these elements of the legal business environment. The company you have studied for this Assignment engaged in practices on an ethical basis that ultimately touched or affected all aspects of its management. Your recommendation should be a take-away pertinent for any business to apply in practice.  It is not sufficient to just say something like “do it differently,” or “be ethical.”

In addition to the above, study the Rubric for this Assignment and the Instructions for PPT.



  • Title slide followed by agenda slide that outlines the presentation.
  • Ends with References slide, listing seven (7)-plus credible sources from Lessons, Course Readings, and  your own research in Library, in APA 7th formatted citations. (Note, you may need more than 1 slide for all fully cited references.)
  • In addition to the above 3 types of slides, minimum ten (10) content slides.
  • Slides should be presented with professional background, appropriate graphics, and content points (not paragraphs to be read like a “paper”);
  • Content points should be included on slides, not just “titles.” 
  • Speaker’s notes are required for narrative accompanying beneath all slides except title slide and references slides. In the alternative audio narration or a video can accompany the slide presenting the narration portion of the presentation.
  • Proofread the presentation to correct errors. Avoid plagiarism! Quotes and figures require citation.
  • See Grading Rubric.

Submit this essay as a Microsoft PPT document attachment no later than 11:59 pm ET Sunday of week seven.  




Complete and submit to Week 5 Assignment dropbox.

This Assignment will assist you in preparing your Week 7 Assignment Research Paper.

Student Name __Tiffani Duncan____ Date _20210509__________________




· Go to the Week 7 Assignment for the Course Project and read the instructions thoroughly. Then complete each item below by answering each question in the space provided.

· Save this as a WORD Document using your Name and Assignment. Example: JonesWk5ResearchOutline.docx.

· Answer on this document. It is in “Word,” and spacing will adjust for your replies.

· Submit your completed paper to the Week 5 Assignment Dropbox by Sunday night of Week 5 (11:59 pm ET).

· The maximum point value for each item is stated in parentheses. Actual points will be awarded by your instructor with feedback.


1. (5 pts) Identify your case study company.

For the Week 7 Assignment, choose your case study from one of three companies: Ford, Boeing, or Purdue Pharmaceutical. State here the name of the company you have selected for your Week 7 Research Paper.


2. (10 pts) Statement of an ethical dilemma.

The company you have chosen to write about (no. 1 above) made a business decision –i.e., chose a course of action – which adversely affected others and the company. In making this decision, the company was faced with an ethical dilemma. As you have learned, an ethical dilemma is a conflict between alternatives where neither alternative is desirable. Choosing either one will compromise something. Each choice will have its downside: it could compromise ethics, cause ethical and legal problems, cause harm, raise difficult questions, or otherwise lead to an undesirable situation. Ideally, the decision-maker would do both acts or neither, but he cannot. He has to choose and can only select one. The dilemma is being confronted with these undesirable choices and having to choose one. (For examples of ethical dilemmas, see Bucaro, (2017). Required Reading, Week 5 Lesson).

· In a single, well-crafted sentence, state the ethical dilemma presented in your chosen company’s situation.

ANSWER: As it presented the Ford Pinto Car model, which was likely to cause deaths, Ford faced an ethical dilemma of whether to recall the already manufactured vehicles and modify them for safety or pay off victims of accidents whenever it would happen and save money.

3. (10 pts) Ethical frameworks:

· Identify and briefly define the ethical framework illustrated by your chosen company’s decision. (See Weeks 5 and 6 Lessons and Required Readings.)

ANSWER: The Company illustrated the egoistic framework whereby much focus was made on the company’s profits. The framework allows for an individual (in this case, the company) to maximize the amount of sound the outcome would do to them. This is exactly what Ford did so that it would not have to spend a lot of money to save people’s lives but rather save it by paying just a little after the damage has been done.

· Identify and briefly define the ethical framework that you will argue your chosen company should have utilized to reach a different result in the situation.

ANSWER: The Company should have utilized the utilitarian framework. In this framework, every decision should be the one that produces the least amount of pain and distress. For Ford, that decision could be to recall the Pinto and save people’s lives even if it would mean spending so much money. That way, there would be less pain and distress.

4. (5 pts) Recommendation. Identify at least one business practice as a lesson business management can learn from this case study.

ANSWER: Ford management should learn to involve low-level employees in the making of particular decisions. The decision not to recall the deadly vehicle model was made only at the management level that no one cared to value the lives of people who would die in explosion crashes. If lower-level employees of the company were involved, some would have recommended the recalling of the death-trap vehicles, and lives would have been saved.

5. (70 pts) References. APA help source

You are starting on the next page under the heading, References, list in an APA7 formatted citations list at least seven (7) credible sources you will use to support your Week 7 Course Project.

Go to the next page .


De Los Reyes Jr, G., Scholz, M., & Smith, N. C. (2017). Beyond the “Win-Win,” creating shared value requires ethical frameworks. California Management Review59(2), 142-167.

Haghighattalab, S., Chen, A., Fan, Y., & Mohammadi, R. (2019). Engineering ethics within accident analysis models. Accident Analysis & Prevention129, 119-125.

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Schwartz, M. S. (2017). Business ethics: An ethical decision-making approach. John Wiley & Sons.

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Tura, N., Keränen, J., & Patala, S. (2019). The darker side of sustainability: Tensions from sustainable business practices in business networks. Industrial Marketing Management77, 221-231.

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