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Instructions (This is Pretend)

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Book Selected for project: Silent Spring By Rachel Carson

Congratulations! You have been asked to present at a conference called the American Public University System Symposium in a session on Current Science Knowledge in Support of Popular Science Writing. 🙂 Using PowerPoint or another visual tool, integrate what you have learned in environmental science regarding the current state of knowledge in support or in contrast to the book you selected for review this session.

Within the presentation be sure to provide some background on the book, the author, the time period in which it was written and/or published, and the influence the book has had on the field of environmental science. Your research and analysis should really shine through in this presentation, and you should be identifying the key themes in the book and specifically what current science says about them.

Prepare this presentation for a professional scientific audience. Use appropriate vocabulary and concepts that demonstrate your mastery of key topics in the environmental sciences. Cite all sources correctly. If you make a slide presentation, include appropriate slide titles and offer visuals and support for the topic. Be sure you include a cover slide that identifies the webinar title, the conference title, the author (that’s you!), and the date. You will be graded on the accuracy and quality of information, the integration of academic information, and the overall presentation and effective use of presentation tools. Goals of this project include encouraging development of research skills, familiarization with presentation design, and practice in communicating to a professional scientific audience.

The presentation should be developed in PowerPoint.

The presentation should be between 4-6 minutes long and clearly demonstrate the depth of your knowledge regarding the science behind the selected book. I will have to narrarate this once complete so be sure it is enough information to last 4-6 minutes.

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