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Research Project

The project will be coming from the chapter on Abnormal Psychology / Disorders

Your task is to choose a specific disorder listed in this chapter. You cannot choose a general topic of mood disorder or anxiety disorder, but a more specific example or type of mood disorder or anxiety disorder, such as major depression or obsessive compulsive disorder, borderline personality, exhibitionism, etc. You can also choose a specific disorder outside of our textbook if you wish.

Note: I will not allow you to choose from the substance-related disorders listed in the chapter.

The research paper is worth 50 points and needs to include the following:

* Title page

* Outline (Follow the structure below for outline, i.e. symptoms, causes, treatment)

* At least 5 pages of reporting (minimum requirement); double-spaced; letter size12

* Bibliography / Work cited page (use at least 5 references) Your references should only be ones from the last few years. If there are too many older references (before the year 2015) then points will be taken off for inaccuracy. And you need to give proper citations throughout your report, i.e. (Brown, 2017)

Your 5 page minimum does not include the title page, outline, or reference page.

The structure of the outline and your paper needs to include the following areas / subtitles: (example Outline below)

I. Symptoms

a. Physical symptoms

b. Emotional / behavioral symptoms

II. Causes

a. Heredity / Genetics

b. Environmental / observational learning

III. Treatment

a. Medications / drug treatments

b. Psychotherapeutic treatment

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