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Psychology: Research Methods (PSY 550)

Each CLC team will design a quasi or a true experimental study, investigating the impact of the independent variable on the dependent variable.

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Collaborative Learning Community: Video Game Violence And Aggression
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Address the following in 650-750 words:

  1. Design either a quasi or experimental study to investigate the variables. What is the hypothesis? Describe the types of hypotheses with respect to testing. What does the experimental method allow that the correlation design does not?
  2. Identify the independent variable. Identify the dependent variable.
  3. Describe how the group will define operationally and measure the variables.
  4. Describe how the group will obtain a random sample of participants.
  5. Discuss how the group will ensure the study has high internal validity. Will the subjects be assigned randomly to the groups? Why or why not.
  6. Are there any ethical concerns about the treatment of participants emerging from the experiment?
  7. Consider the data presented, would you use t or F score? Why? include the appropriate effect size.
  8. Submit an SPSS output for the quasi or true experimental study.

Include at least three to four scholarly sources.

Solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, APA 7th Style. 

We choose an experimental design. 

Randomly select Junior High School students who have never play video games and expose them to 3-5 hours of video games every week for a month. These will be all well-behaved students who are even-tempered, well-behaved students. The random selection will be done from their student performance, from prior and current history. The sample size will consist of an equal number of boys and girls in the study, so gender will not be a factor. They should all be the same age, grade level, and so on. The only difference will be Whether or not there will be a change in their behavior, measure after the fact. Sample size can be 70, 35 control group 35 experimental group The control group will expose fun non-violent video games. The experimental group will only receive violent video games.

Hypothesis: Violent video games can cause aggressive behavior

Null Hypothesis: Violent video games can cause aggressive behavior

Independent variableis the type of video games

Dependent variablebehavior after playing video games

Using a between-subject design, independent sample t-test, critical value p = .05.  If there was a significant difference between the two groups, suggest that violent video games do indeed cause aggressive behavior.

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