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The purpose of this projec

BSTAT 3321

The purpose of this project is to describe a random sample of 30 countries and infer to all of the countries in the world some characteristics. The following variables will be considered. Economy

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BSTAT 3321 Project
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0. GDP per capita in dollars (PPP)

0. Unemployment as a percent

0. Gini index

People and Society

0. Female literacy rate as a percent (will be missing from first world countries, use 99)

0. GDP spent on education as a percent

0. Infant mortality rate as total deaths per 1000 live births

0. Predominant religion as one name e.g., Protestant Christianity for the United States

The project will be submitted as an Excel workbook for data and parts 1-4 and a Word or pdf file for part 5. Put the data on Sheet 1 and 1a on Sheet 2, 1b on Sheet 3, …, 2 on Sheet 7 , 3 on Sheet 8, 4a on Sheet 9, 4b,c,&d on Sheet 10,4e on Sheet 11.

1. For the countries in your sample, use Excel to construct the following graphs

a. GDP per capita – histogram (4 points) Sheet 2

b. Gini index –histogram (4 points) Sheet 3

c. Predominant religion – pie chart (max of 9 slices) (4 points) Sheet 4

d. GDP spent on education as a percent (Y) vs. GDP per capita in dollars (X) – scatterplot (4 points) Sheet 5

e. Infant mortality (Y) vs. Female literacy (X) – scatterplot (4 points) Sheet 6

2. Construct a 95% confidence interval for the world’s mean GDP per capita and mean GDP spent on education as a percent. (10 points each) Sheet 7

3. Do your data support the hypothesis that more than half of the countries in the world are predominately Christian at the .05 significance level? At the .10 level? (20 points) Sheet 8

4. Regression and Correlation analysis

a. Determine the sample regression line relating infant mortality to female literacy and plot it on a new scattergram. (4 points) Sheet 9

b. Compute the correlation coefficient and coefficient of determination. (4 points) Sheet 10

c. Test the hypothesis that 1 = 0. (4 points) Sheet 10

d. Compute a 90% confidence interval estimate for 1. (4 points) Sheet 10

e. With 90% confidence, estimate an average for all countries and predict for an individual country the infant mortality rate when female literacy rate is .75. (4 points) Sheet 11

5. Interpret in detail the specific results of the above analysis (parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) in a managerial summary of no more than one page using non-technical language, meaningful to a person who doesn’t know statistics. (20 points)

Bonus: Appearance: table of contents, paging, clarity, color, illustrations (10 points)

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