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 DUE NO LATER THAN MAY 20, 2021. Instructions are attached. 

Students should complete three (3) essay questions from the list provided below. Essay answers should be fully developed with an introductory paragraph that previews the answer to the item, a body that analyzes and answers all relative arguments, and a conclusion that explains and advances the arguments (rather than simply summarizing them). Avoid the use of bullet points and direct quotations or citations from references/sources (unless the question requests them). Graduate level writing, grammar, and spelling are obviously expected. Clearly identify and separate your answers by typing the question heading in bold font.

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Please answer three (3) of the following:

1. You are coaching a big-time high school basketball player. The player has good grades and has received scholarship offers from a number of D-I universities. The player’s parents have asked you to help in choosing a college. List and explain the three (3) most important factors that you will impress upon the athlete and parents. List and explain the three (3) least important factors in the decision.

2. Your high school is located in an area near a military base, thus you gain (and lose) many “new” players each year as their parents are re-assigned. This particular school year an outstanding quarterback has moved into your school zone for his senior year after being named first-team all- state as a junior in another state. Your team is very talented and has a veteran quarterback who has “paid his dues” in your system for 3 years. Describe how you are going to avoid any conflicts within the team structure while (at the same time) giving each player (including both QBs) a fair chance to compete.

3. Describe in detail your “medical emergency plan” in case of serious injury during a team practice. Is it different from the procedure you would use during an official athletic contest? Why or why not?

4. Name and describe the “Nine Legal Duties” of a coach.

5. You are the head softball coach at a small, enrollment-driven college with a limited budget. Unexpectedly, your team wins the conference championship and qualifies for the national tournament. The tournament will be played at a site three states away; lodging, meals, transportation, etc, are estimated to cost $10,000. The Athletic Department at your institution does not budget for post-season national competition … so, while pleased with the squad’s performance, your Athletic Director, Vice-President for Student Affairs, and College President (the three people you report to directly) have mixed feelings and tell you to come up with the funding for the trip. What do you do?

6. Give three (3) very important reasons why you would send each returning player a letter prior to the start of a new season. What would the letter contain? Describe the tone of the letter. What purpose are you trying to accomplish with the letter?

7. As head football coach, you must hire a new defensive coordinator. You have narrowed the search to five (5) candidates to interview. List and justify the questions you will ask in the interviews, and detail who will accompany you during the interview process. Be sure to include how you will narrow the search after the interviews and what you will do if none of the candidates meet your approval.

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