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Evidence in the Sources

1. In your own words, describe your strongest evidence. Which pieces of information from your sources are most helpful for answering your research question?

2. In your own words, describe your weakest evidence. Which pieces of information from your sources don’t connect as easily to your research question?

3. What has been difficult about using these sources to answer your research question?

Your research question: What lessons from women’s struggles for equality in the past can help inform current and future women’s rights issues?

4. In 2–3 sentences, provide some background on your issue.

5. Write a one-sentence thesis statement that answers your research question with a claim and includes your main pieces of supporting evidence.


Constitutional Rights Foundation. 2004. How Women Won the Right to Vote.  https://www.crf-usa.org/bill-of-rights-in-action/bria-20-2-a-how-women-won-the-right-to-vote     (1 secondary source)

Linda Simon. 2017. The Flappers Took the Country by Storm, but Did They Ever Truly Go Away.  https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/flappers-took-country-storm-ever-go-away-180964412/  (2nd secondary source)

Shirley Chisholm. May 21, 1969. Equal Rights for Women.  https://awpc.cattcenter.iastate.edu/2017/03/21/equal-rights-for-women-may-21-1969/  ( 2nd primary source)

Susan B. Anthony. 1873. Women are Right to Vote.   https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/mod/1873anthony.asp   (1 primary source)

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