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DISCUSSION BOARD: Free will vs determinism

Thomas Nagel in “Moral Luck” considers the following case: A truck driver’s brakes were due for inspection 1,000 miles ago. But, his schedule demands that he put off getting them checked until he reaches his current destination. While nearing his delivery, a child runs into the street and the truck driver hits and kills the child. His brakes failed. Nagel thinks this is a case of moral luck: “And what makes this an example of moral luck is that he would have to blame himself only slightly for the negligence itself if no situation arose which required him to brake suddenly and violently to avoid hitting a child. Yet the negligence is the same in both cases, and the driver has no control over whether a child will run into his path.”

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1. How would proponents of these three perspectives regarding free will and determinism views —   libertarianism, compatibilism, and hard determinism – answer this question?   

2. How would you assess the level of the driver’s responsibility in this case

3. what view of the free-will versus determinism does your view imply? 

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