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Presentation and a report follow the guidelines. Before accepting please read the task 


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Sensitivity: Internal

Assignment Brief Marketing Fundamentals Spring 2021

It is important that students recognise that the core outcome for any module assessment is the development of academic knowledge relevant to the subject area (hence the clearly laid out learning outcomes in the module handbook).

However, it must be said that the subject area of marketing is primarily concerned with the communication of ideas and justified actions to the target market in order to meet the organisation’s strategic aims and the needs of that target market. The module assignment seeks to meet both these goals.

Your module is assessed by 100% Coursework with two component parts:

Part 1 (40%) Individual Presentation

You can choose from one of the two options: the individual creation of a PowerPoint Presentation or an Infographic and examine the organisation’s current competitive environment as well as the current marketing mix.

The submission deadline for Part 1 is Wednesday 17th March 2021 at 5 PM

Part 1: Detailed content for the Infographic/PowerPoint slides:

Based upon the organisation selected, the infographic/PowerPoint slides will include:

• An introduction to the organisation – background history, markets etc.

• An analysis and audit of the organisation’s current market and competitive environment – via key tools such as SWOT/TOWS analysis, PESTEL analysis and Porters Five Forces.

• An analysis of the organisation’s current Marketing Mix via the Marketing Mix Framework (4Ps/7Ps).

It is suggested that a minimum of five PowerPoint slides will be needed to meet the requirements of part 1 of the assignment. Alternatively, the equivalent amount of content can be submitted as an infographic.

Part 2 (60%) Individual report

You are required to write a 2000-word (+/- 10%) marketing plan based on assignment 1. The marketing plan should explore the future marketing strategies.

The submission deadline for Part 2 is Wednesday 12th May 2021 at 5 PM


Sensitivity: Internal

Part 2: Detailed content for the individual written report:

The report will include:

a) An overview on assessment of the current marketing environment based on part 1 b) An analysis of the organisation’s positioning and targeting strategy using perception

maps, segmentation techniques and the principles of the 4Cs of effective positioning. c) Based on a and b, you will be required to offer two recommendations for the future

marketing plan of your chosen organisation d) Justification of one of the two recommendation (given in c) reinforced by the

application of key strategic marketing models, i.e. the BCG Matrix and the Ansoff Matrix.

Sensitivity: Internal

Coursework 2 Structure – The Report/Marketing Plan

Section Content Part a (20%)

After briefly introducing your organisation, this section requires you to provide a critical suumary of your application and analysis of SWOT, PESTLE and Porter’s Five Forces, and the marketing mix framework in the context of your organisation based on assignment 1. The outcome of this analysis should be a significant understanding of the environment within which your organisation operates in.

Part b (20%) This section requires you to assess how the organisation currently positions itself with its target audience/market. The use of perception maps here (2) give you the opportunity to assess the organisation’s positioning in relation to a number of competitors. You should also establish the segmentation technique(s) used by your organisation. The 4 Cs of Positioning should also be used to assess the effectiveness of the organisation’s positioning strategy.

Part c (10%)

This section gives you the opportunity to make two recommendations for the future. Based on a and b, you will be required to offer two recommendations for the future marketing plan of your chosen organisation

Part d (30%) This section requires you to provide justification of one of the two recommendation (given in c) reinforced by the application of key strategic marketing models, i.e. the BCG Matrix and the Ansoff Matrix.

Assignment style, structure and design: (10%)

Reports can and should contain diagrams, tables and models – just make sure they are put into the context of your organisation (anyone can copy a model). The text that you write alongside the visual here adds the depth to that visual. Combining the two together increases quality of communication and reader understanding. Think: Do customers ever purchase from marketers when they do not understand what they are being told? Remember – this assignment must take the form of a professional BUSINESS REPORT which clearly communicates with the reader, i.e. the Board of Directors of the selected organisation. This assignment must NOT come across as an essay or student assignment – it should feel like a business/marketing proposal.

Academic Referencing (10%)

Academic referencing for part 2 of the assignment is to be thorough. Citing sources of concepts/theories/models is essential. The role/purpose of all models used should also be briefly explained – again this can be done via the citation of a recognised writer (from a book, journal, etc.) A simple “rule of thumb” you might wish to follow: Introduce the concept/model/theory (cite/define), Explain what purpose it serves (cite), Apply the concept (this might be from your own observations, or possibly cited from research you have uncovered) and finally discuss the Implications of the situation (cite to evidence these implications where possible). All citations should feature at the end of your work as a list of references. NOTE: sources that lack the appropriate academic integrity – e.g. Wikipedia, Mindtools, Marketing4U, Smart insights, etc, are not acceptable and may result in a loss of marks. Established concepts, theories and academic models must use sources of academic integrity – for example text books from the module reading list, or original journal articles.

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