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I need assistance writing a marketing plan in APA format. It needs to be 15 pages long and is due on 21 May 2021. I had to submit a proposal for it which I will upload as it will need to be followed for the final paper. Ordinarily, I would do it myself but we are short staffed at work and I worry that I won’t have enough time to get it done.

Required Marketing plan Headings:

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Executive Summary

Situation Analysis

 -Market Summary

 -Target Markets

Marketing Demographics



 -Behavioral factors

Market Needs

Market Trends

Market Growth

SWOT Analysis

Competitors Analysis

Market Strategy

 -Marketing objectives

 -Financial objectives

 -Positioning strategy

Marketing tactics







 -Break-Even Analysis

 -Sales Forecast

 -Marketing Budget


Marketing Plan: Proposal

Marketing is an essential part of any business. Whether the purpose of the business is to

introduce something new to the market, or simply to improve upon the existing enterprises the

ability to market is crucial to success. Because of this, great care should be taken when

developing the plan to ensure that all marks are being hit and, to an extent, mitigate the risks

being taken.


Knowing “what” is the initial step in the process. In this step the idea of what the business will

be is explored and cemented. The American firearms industry is experiencing a difficult time

currently. The sales over the past year have skyrocketed leaving manufacturers struggling to

catch up to the demand. This gives newcomers a unique opportunity to enter the market to fill the


The proposal will be for the creation of a new firearms company that will operate to plug some

of the gaps as well as serve a niche that is being overlooked.


As previously stated, the market is experiencing unprecedented sales. Additionally, there are

segments of the market that are underserved or simply not served at all. Exploring these

segments of the market will allow for growth as well as a pre-installed user base.


How this business will be structured and grow will borrow from the existing companies.

Learning from peers as it were. One such inspiration is the company Daniel Defense. The


founder of Daniel Defense, Marty Daniel, won a defense contract with the Naval Surface

Warfare Center to produce the RIS II rail for M4 rifles (RIS II Archives – Soldier Systems Daily,

2009). While not a firearm, the contract for the rail system did propel Daniel Defense into the

spotlight and, ultimately, led to them being able to manufacture firearms themselves.

Additionally, the company will explore areas of the industry that are not being served by the

existing manufacturers and work to cater to these markets. This, however, will not be to the

exclusion of the more mainstream products.

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