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Discussion #6

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Chapter 5 Discussion:

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IT474 Week 6
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For this discussion, you’ll review and evaluate the design of a website. Choose one of the following URLs:

Visit the website you are evaluating. Write a paper that includes the following information:

  1. URL of the website
  2. Name of the website
  3. Target audience
  4. Screen shot of the home page
  5. Indicate the type(s) of navigation evident.
  6. Describe how the design principles of contrast, repetition, alignment, and contrast are applied. Be specific.
  7. Complete the Web Design Best Practices Checklist (see Table 5.1 (Links to an external site.)).
  8. Recommend three improvements for the website.

Not more than 350 words total. Respond to at least two other students (150 words each peer)!!

2. Two (2) paragraphs (350 Words total) discussion response to main DQ questions. In addition, respond with two (2) students/Peers to Peer (identify peers) or two classmates. The responses should 150 words each and must focus on the discussion topic above. Examine related issues, ask questions, provide hypothesis and/or situation(s). A peer response may not be to a peer already responded to more than twice.

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