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T/F questions

1. Cenogamy occurs when two people who are 100 years old marry one another.

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2. Monogamy is a dark type of wood that is very popular for hard wood floors.

3. Passionate love will more likely be sustained over time compared to compassionate love.

4. Institutional marriage is a marriage focused on maintaining the institution of marriage itself.

5. A pure relationship is one in which both people eat only organic food.

6. Cohabitation is defined as a couple sharing a home and a bed without being legally married.

7. Among the developed countries, the United States has the highest rate of single-parent families.

8. Studies of children of same-sex couples have tended to indicate that growing up in these families does not have adverse effects on children.

9. Women are about 5 times more likely than men to be victims of domestic violence.

10. Female headed families are far more likely to be poor.

11. No-fault divorce has helped to reduce the rate of divorce in the U.S.

12. Human trafficking involves selling and buying humans as products.

13. Durkheim used the term profane to describe vulgar language.

14. Sacred refers that which has been defined as being of .ultimate concerns.

15. Saying the rosary is an example of a ritual within the Catholic Church.

16. Rites of passage are rituals that surround major transitions in life.

17. Civil religion refers to a church where everyone is especially well behaved.

18. Secularization refers to the declining significance of religion.

19. Sect is a small group of people who have joined the group consciously and voluntarily to have a personal religious experience.

20. Cult is a new, innovative, small, voluntary and exclusive religious tradition that was never associated with any religious organization.

21. Denominationalism accepts a pluralistic view of religion.

22. Judaism is one of the world’s largest religions.

23. Today, the vast majority of Hindus live in India.

24. Islam was founded by the Prophet Mohammad.

25. Christianity is growing rapidly in Europe.

26. Mormonism was founded in Egypt.

27. Fundamentalism involves a rejection of the modern secular world.

28. Meritocracy is a dominant ideology involving the widely held shared belief that all people have an equal chance of succeeding economically based on their hard work and skills.

29. Cumulative advantage is the process by which the most advantaged individuals are awarded the best opportunities.

30. Habitus refers to an internalized set of preferences and dispositions that are learned through experience and social interactions in specific social contexts.

31. The United States is an example of a representative democracy.

32. Citizens are people represented by a given state, most often born within its territories.

33. The U.S. political system is a multiparty system.

34. Voter participation tends to be highest among poorer and disadvantaged people.

35. Pluralism is compatible with the Structural/Functional Perspective.

36. Power elite theory is associated with the Structural/Functionalist Perspective.

37. War is armed conflict in which a nation uses its military to attempt to impose its will on others.

38. Fordism is a term based on the ideas of Henry Ford.

39. Socialism involves a socially planned economy.

40. Many Western European countries have become welfare states.

41. Deindustrialization brought about a decline in the service sector

42. The sick role involves expectations about the way sick people ae supposed to act.

43. The lower one’s social class, the poorer one’s health is likely to be.

44. Medicalization refers to the tendency to label as an illness something that was not previously considered an illness.

45. In 1997, the Food and Drug Administration restricted the direct advertising of medication to the public.

46. There is a significant gap in life expectancy between high and low income countries.

47. Food insecurity refers to people who become very anxious when eating in front of other people.

48. China is now the world’s biggest market for cigarettes.

49. HIV/AIDS can be contracted through casual contact with people who have the disease.

50. Malaria is an example of a borderless disease.

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