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Task: Develop and add to the Week 2 Paper a section discussing the Critical Path and Deliverables that Reside on the Critical Path

Preliminary Project Charter WorksheetCPMGT/305 Version 131

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Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet

Complete this project charter worksheet according to the instructions in section 4.1 of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

Completed by: Kari Hanus and Team 4

Date: May 6, 2021

1. Project title: Smith Home for Heroes Residence

2. High-level project scope: Build a single-family residence fully accessible for a wounded warrior to include four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an office, an outdoor entertainment area and landscaping. Include emerging voice activated technology to support warriors with physical disabilities and state of the art security. A pool is out of scope for this project.

3. Problem to be solved or opportunity to be realized by this project: Provide an functional and welcoming home for both able-bodied and physically impaired family members, complete with voice activated amenities and security systems.

4. Project purpose or justification including specific measurable business impacts or results: TBD Custom Homes has the distinct honor and privilege of building adapted smart homes for Americans severely wounded in combat thereby delivering amenities to ease the daily challenges our heroes face. Through service we demonstrate a dedication to service and fulfill our strategic commitment to support the heroes who defend our freedoms.

5. Measurable project objectives and related success criteria including metrics

· Meet Milestone Due dates to deliver the Keys on time

· Number of occurrence(s) of Subtask/Task deviation to the right by 30 days

· Deliver the complete build within appropriate estimated tolerances

· Component and Allowance deviation in dollars and as a percentage of the estimated cost

· Exceed Client Satisfaction Expectations through each phase of the project

· Exceed client satisfaction score by 3% over baseline score by phase

6. High-level requirements: Build a 3500 sq. ft. single-family residence inclusive of adapted smart technology and security throughout, wheel-chair accessibility, and compliant with all state and local laws. The home should include four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an office space, kitchen and living areas, an outdoor entertainment area and manicured landscaping. All septic and gas storage and piping shall be planned as underground units and piped accordingly. All build parameters to include building façade, roofing, cement work, landscaping, fencing and storage must comply with Property Owner Association regulation.

7. High-level risks: Risks associated with this construction include:

· Poor project management

· Availability of building materials and inflation of material costs

· Resource injury and accidents due to safety issues

· Change Orders and governance

· Incomplete, Modified or misunderstood plans/scope

· Natural disaster or vandalism impacting delivery

· Poorly written/managed contracts

· Resource/Labor shortages

· Issues with suppliers/contractors

· Laws, rules, regulation violation

· Availability or interruption of utilities during construction

8. Summary of high-level milestones schedule

· Pre-Construction Client Meeting

· Introduction to Project Manager and Review of Plans

· Create redline changes to the plans created by the architect before issuing the final construction set

· Proposed changes will be documented and dispositioned through formal change order

· Meet with purchasing manager to make exterior, interior, appliance, lighting, flooring and fixture selections

· Construction Start

· Review the general schedule for construction and draw schedule

· Review with client and obtain approval for site work, foundation, frame, cornice, windows/doors, septic location, well and storage tank location, propane location, utility locations, any future site needs

· Execute the general schedule for construction: foundation poor, framing, roofing

· Mechanical, Roof and Masonry

· Review the general schedule for Mechanicals, roof and masonry

· Exterior painting, above roof masonry, roof, HVAC, shower/tub niche locations, plumbing, inspections, electrical plan, low voltage, fireplace, stucco process

· Electrical and Low Voltage walks with Electrician and Low Voltage contractors to be scheduled and conducted on same day as Phase 3 meeting

· Accessibility tour with Accessibility Advocate and Client conducted on the same day as Phase 3 meeting.

· Execute the Mechanicals, roof and masonry

· Insulation and Drywall Phase

· Review the Insulation and Drywall schedule with client and set expectations for this phase

· Insulation, shower wall installation, post insulation energy inspection, drywall, stone process

· Paint sample stickers to be provided for review and approval of paint colors

· Execute the Insulation and Drywall phase

· Interior Finishing Phase

· Review the Interior Finishing schedule with client and set expectations for this phase

· Install Tub & shower surrounds, mud set shower floors, interior trim, interior paint, cabinets, counter tops, glass (shower doors and mirrors), flooring

· Conduct Trim walk with Trim Carpenter to be scheduled and conducted on same day as Interior finishing review meeting

· Mechanical Trim & Appliances

· Review the Mechanical Trim and appliances plan with client, obtain final approval and set expectations for phase execution

· Install Electrical fixtures and locations, plumbing fixtures and locations, appliances, concrete flatwork/ramps, railing as required, final landscape grade, interior paint, final accessibility, TREC and energy inspections

· Set tentative completion date

· Homeowner Orientation and Punch List

· Review Homeowner Binder, completion documents, conduct orientation and walk through, create punch list and blue tape inspection, Homeowner maintenance requirements

· Schedule final completion date

· Homeowner Orientation and Punch List

· Review Homeowner Binder, completion documents, conduct orientation and walk through, create punch list and blue tape inspection, Homeowner maintenance requirements

· Schedule final completion date

· Final Homeowner Acceptance

· Review completion of punch list and any outstanding items, provide Homeowner binder and garage door openers, warranty process, hand over KEYS!


9. Summary of high-level budget including expense dollars, capital dollars, and headcount: High level costs shall not exceed $785,000 (estimated 19% gross profit) with no draws from capital as subcontractors bear the responsibility for equipment and an initial earnest money draw will cover operational expenses. Warehousing of selections from unvetted third-parties are charged against the construction draw as outlined within the construction contract. Resource headcount will be determined based on subcontractor bid proposals aligned to plan timelines and quality constructs.

Preliminary Budget Plan

Project: Smith Home for Heroes ResidenceSite size: 87,120 square feetResidence Size: 3500 square feetCost: $785,000
Site Work (Capital Expenses)
1Two-acre home siteCapital expense$250,000
2Site SurveyCapital expense$1,800
3Site Clearing-tree removalLabor & Materials$2,000
4Earthwork-dirt pad for concreteLabor, equipment$7,000
5Electrical Service and meter loopLabor & Material$13,500
6SewageLabor & Material$8,000
7Water lines and meterFixed price$6,800
8Data (Internet, cable, telecommunications)Labor & Material$4,000
9Concrete work for drivewayLabor & Material$18,000
Resources for Home Construction
1Concrete and formsMaterial only$33,000
2Concrete finishingLabor only$8,000
3FramersLabor & Materials$35,000
4InsulationLabor & Materials$18,000
5PlumbersLabor & Materials$22,000
6HVACLabor & Materials$27,625
7ElectriciansLabor & Materials$28,125
8Data/TelecommunicationsLabor & Materials$19,000
9DrywallLabor & Materials$28,000
10PaintersLabor & Materials$19,000
11Trim Carpenters (trim & cabinets)Labor & Materials$46,000
12Appliances & InstallationLabor & Materials$27,000
Miscellaneous Expenses
1Equipment rental*dirt work*$12,000
2Documentation FeeOne time charge$4,000
3Estimated Profit19%$149,150

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