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Please answer the following questions from the perspective of a cognitive psychologist

150 words each

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  1. Imagine that you had an accident which resulted a brain damage. Which area of your brain would you rather give up? Why?
  2. What might life be like if we perceived things against Gestalt principles, and instead identified individual features of an object instead of an object as a whole?
  3. How could advertisers use some of the principles of visual search or selective attention to increase the likelihood that people will notice their messages?
  4. Which do you think would be worse – having a short-term memory deficit or long-term memory deficit? Why?
  5. Suppose that you need to find a profession. How would you go about finding one that most effectively meets your requirements and your preferences? How closely does your method resemble the methods described by subjective expected utility theory, by satisficing, or by elimination by aspects?

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