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Assessment brief:

Is a 2000 words

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You are a digital marketing consultant, and you have been asked to assist in the development of a digital marketing plan for the online operations of ONE company from the following industries:

Online pharmaceuticals OR Online trading

Individual report – Having picked one company from the above industries, you are required to develop a digital marketing plan using the SOSTAC(situation analysis, objectives, strategy,tactics, action,control) model by PR Smith.

The report starts with a critical analysis of the company’s situation analysis,

then based on the findings develop digital marketing objectives, strategies and tactics for the chosen company and comment on the possible barriers in implementation, make recommendations on how to overcome these barriers. Use the following detailed structure of the plan and marking criteria.

NOTE:Since the online pharmaceutical industry is a specialised segment, you can go for a broader range in the pharma sector, such as medicine and vaccine development companies online, which can go beyond EU and UK regions.

The best way is to use some keywords on Google search ” online pharma companies” to get several companies in the area and outside. You can also tweak the keywords(remembers our keyword research) in several ways and find even more results. You could choose one among them. You could do this for online stock exchange companies as well.

I searched and found some  from a research report as below, and you can choose one of these:

· Zur Rose Group


· UK Meds

· AMX Holdings

· Parafarmacia-online

· Newpharma

· MonCoinSant



· Lloyds Pharmacy

· Oxford Online Pharmacy

· Chemist 4 U

· Simple Online Pharmacy

· myCARE

· The Canadian Pharmacy

· Juvalis

· Apotea

· Chemistdirect

· Lkrna WPK

· Pharmacy2U

· Index Medical

· inhousePharmacy

· Prvalekarna

· Cocooncente

· DeOnlineDrogist

· MedExpress

· Farmacia Internacional

· Lekarnar

· BestPharmacy

· Pharm24

· Pharmacy4u

· Vamida

please FOLLOW THE MARKETING criteria too se how to structure and plan the report

references over 10 in Harvard style

Marking criteria:

Structure of the planGrade
Situation analysis/10
A critical and precise analysis of micro and macro environment, internet-specific SWOT, PEST factors, website analysis, market description, competitors, customers and other stakeholders
Evidence of clear objectives based on logical situational analysisSpecific goals are broken down into short, medium and long-term goalsSMART5 Ss Framework Sell, Speak, Save, SizzleLinks to RACE FrameworkMust use appropriate metrics/performance indicators, KPIs and time scales
Appropriately justified and demonstratedThe segment, Target markets (Personas)Positioning – Online value proposition, marketing mixObjective- RACE Framework (appropriate emphasise and sequence )Strategic competitive strategies – Evidence and recognition of an appropriate strategy & linked to strategic tools, e.g. social media, mobile etcDigital channels used on how to acquire traffic, engage customersTools – e.g. web functionality, email, social media, mobile, eCRM partnerships etcIntegration- Web processes & database intergraded & accessible & sequence of events
Appropriately justified demonstrated and links to strategyOperational links to RACE FrameworkDetailed digital channels & objectives of tools ( e.g. affiliates, SEO, content, Home page optimisation and design, social media, e-contact, Google Adwords, email marketing etc.)Integration & sequence of eventsCreative and insightful E- campaigns
Responsibility for implementationOrganisational capabilities 7 S FrameworkExternal /Internal skillsAppropriate Budget allocation
5S web analytics KPI, Google analytics, bounce page, organic and paid search clicks and CTR, that are measurable.Frequency of reportingReporting, e.g. Customer surveys, usability, mystery shopping, site visitor profilingEvidence of an understanding of performance management systems, i.e. the process of reporting & actionsContingency plansDiscusses the potential barriers to implementation, e.g. skills, knowledge, technological financial etc
Overall report and organisation/ 10
Appropriate report formatEvidence of comprehensive supporting resources including data & appropriate references – use of ABS ranked journals(see reading list), use of other academic and relevant credible practitioner sources


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