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it is a 10 Page paper in APA formatting. 

You can choose any company that is easiest for you. 

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This also needs a powerpoint summarizing the report



















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To begin, you are going act as a young employee the company that you have chosen. You are part of the team of the company which you have chosen which will be preparing a report on you’re the company to profile and to analyze it. Specially you will be analyzing where the company was last year before COVID; for example, its business and industry, value, market share any advantages/ disadvantages it may have had. You are to consider the impact of COVID on the company. Here you might also address the industry as a whole. You will look at the losses, gains and shift in business it may have had and its value now.

For example, many restaurants, including chain restaurants and fast-food restaurants, moved toward delivery service. Did your company increase or focus on service in anyway? Maybe your company prospered with the outbreak. What about company’s which made N9 masks and other protective gear? How about the pharmaceutical companies? What about computer hardware companies? They had a great demand for product.

Finally, you will provide recommendations regarding the company’s path as we move into the new normal Should any of the changes they made, like increased service, remain going forward? Do not worry about whether your recommendations are correct. Just make sure you support them with the research that you have done, that your provide a good analysis and that your writing is clear organized and incorporates what we have studied this year.

You also will make a presentation concerning this company that summarizes your research. For this presentation, you will prepare visual aids using a presentation program such as PowerPoint, Google Slides or Prezi.

In your role as an employee on this team, you will perform several critical functions:

• Gather data; • Organize information, including the data that you have gathered; • Analyze results, looking for trends (and changes) in light of COVID and comparing the

company being studied to similar companies; • Make forecasts and develop recommendations; and • Prepare reports and make presentations.

In the scope of the anticipated 10-page final paper, you will not perform the level of analysis that an employee of your chosen company would make. You are not going to make the extensive financial You will be able, however, to summarize and organize the information that you obtain from reputable sources.

You are going to profile your company and analyze its current condition (including its financial and operational condition). Some of the items that you should look at in connection with your company are the following:

• Its current stock price versus its historic stock price (before COVID, just over a year ago); • Its current financial condition, including any information about debt that might be coming

due (many companies borrowed money to stay in business); • Its management (especially any recent changes in senior management);

• Its current products or services, as well as its historic products or services that might prove valuable in the future (look at changes in products or services over the last year);

• Its operational and competitive challenges, and the operational and competitive challenges of its industry;

• Look at any competitive advantage or disadvantage it might have; and • And again, the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic upheaval had or

might have had on your company. (See the note at the end of the memo.)

For purposes of the introductory information described in Section 10-6b of the textbook, the background of your report is the need for a profile and general analysis of your company for investment purposes, and the problem or purpose is to provide a current profile and general analysis your company. You can describe the scope of your analysis and information on how your report is organized.

The body of the report should contain the bulk of your analysis and should set out the data that you have gathered. You must include at least three graphs or other visuals. You are required to create these graphs or other visuals for your report. You cannot copy them from another source. Your conclusion is important, because it will show how you have understood and considered the data and information that you have gathered. There is no correct or incorrect answer – but there is a correct or incorrect approach to think must thing/analyze the data and information.

We will talk more about the mechanical issues – the table of contents, the bibliography, etc. You need to cite at least three of the types of sources (including news reports and periodical articles). The investor relations section of your company’s website will have information and materials (and links to other information) that will be important for your work. Be sure to review the information gathered there. The Caldwell database also could be a valuable source of information for you.

Your final presentation will be a summary of the information in your final report. It should be accompanied by visual aids prepared using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or another presentation program (such as Prezi). The presentation, including your discussion of the material presented in the visual aids, should last about 5-8 minutes. You should include your visual/graphical items and other summaries of the data and information you have discovered and the conclusions that you have reached. We will talk more about the final presentation, but you should be thinking now about the best ways to make your slides visually appealing. Remember, though, this is a business presentation, so it will not need to be as jazzy as a presentation for other purposes.

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