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This video discusses sampling in the context of how estimates of population parameters are obtained. It refers to the What Is an Average? (Links to an external site.) video, where they obtained an “average of 1.89 feet per person” using a sample of a group of playground-bound kids plus a one-legged man who was asked to show up. They concluded that the sample was a bad one and that random sampling would be a better way of obtaining a representative sample to be confident that the sample statistic is a good estimate of the population parameter.

Respond to one of the following options in your initial post, citing at least one specific credible source in support. Question on credible sources? See the resource Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Source (Links to an external site.)

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Statistical Literacy Discussion
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Option 1

  • Identify three ways professionals use statistics in their fields.
  • Go deeper with one, and provide a specific example of how a manger in your field might organize a study and leverage the results to positively influence customer or public perception.
  • Remember to cite your sources.

Option 2: Magazines often report surveys giving statistics such as, “63% of women expect the man to pay on the first date.”

  • Determine whether these are random samples.
  • Briefly discuss in the context of a specific example.
  • Remember to cite your sources.

Option 3

  • Discuss whether all good samples are random.
  • Briefly elaborate in the context of a specific example related to your field.
  • Remember to cite your sources.

Your initial post should be at least 200 words in length.

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