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1. The company I chose was Amazon

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2.文本  描述已自动生成

3.文本  描述已自动生成

4.文本  描述已自动生成

1) Keep in mind that the data includes Amazon and competitors

2) Example(For reference only)

Table showing FedEx’s stock quote

ItemValueInterpretation and brief explanation
Current market price$274.48This is the price of FedEx stock that it sells for on the free stock market at as of now. Anyone wishing to purchase the company’s stock will have to pay the $274.48. This market value will habitually vary all through the exchange day as investors sell and buy the Fed Ex stock. The price will increase if more traders want to buy it and decrease or drop as traders begin selling more of the company’s stock.
Market capitalization$72.076 BillionThis the stock price multiplied by the number of equity shares outstanding. So it is the price above multiplied by the number of FedEx’s hares outstanding
Beta1.39 (5 year Monthly)Beta is a measure of how a separate asset shifts when the general stock market decreases or increases(Beta, 2011). In simple it is measure of a risk associated with an asset’s risk in relation to the whole market (for instance, the S&P500 index). It is a measure of FedEx’s stock relative volatility. FedEx’s beta is more than meaning it is less stable. If S&P 500 Index has a base of let’s say 1 and this index changes by 3% then the stock of FedEx will as well change by 4.17% (1.39 X 3%).
PE Ratio40.41In general, a great P/E ratio shows that investors anticipate for greater pays. Though, a security with a great P/E ratio is not certainly a superior investment than one with a lesser P/E ratio (Park, 2020). On the other hand, when a corporation’s security has a small P/E ratio, it might have an indication that the stock is underestimated. In light of FedEx’s PE ratio of 40.41 its means that the stock was trading at around 40 times the earnings. This ratio is more than the overall ration in the S&P 500 Index meaning the company share is not overvalued.
EPS$6.79This is computed by dividing the net earnings attributable to the shareholders by the number of outstanding equity shares. This point outs the amount a corporation makes from each share. This item is important in determining the stock prices particularly when calculating the P/E ratio. $6.79 shows that each FedEx common stock earns around $6.79.
Earning dateDecember 16th 2020This is the date of when a company will release its next financial reports. So, FedEx will have its next financial statements released on 16th December 2020. On this day there are expected large movements of its underlying.
Forward Dividend Yield2.60 (0.93%)This forward yield is an approximation of a year’s dividend stated as a ratio of the present stock price. The year’s expected dividend is determined by taking a security’s most latest actual dividend disbursement and annualizing it. The forward dividend yield is computed by dividing a year’s value of future dividend disbursements by a stock’s present share price. It is a corporation’s present stock value that it anticipates to pay out as dividends over a year. So FedEx corporation anticipates to 2.6% of their stock value as dividends.
EX- Dividend DateSeptember 2nd 2020The term Ex-dividend refers to a security that is trading minus the rate of the next dividend payment. With that in mind, so the ex-dividend day or “ex-date” is that day the security starts dealing without or minus the value of its succeeding dividend disbursement. Normally, the ex-dividend day for a security is one trading day before the record day. This means that a trader who purchases the stock on its ex-dividend day or afterward will not be entitled to get the declared dividend. Relatively, the dividend disbursement will be made to the person who possessed the stock the date just before the ex-dividend day (Kreidl, 2020). In light of FedEx, the person who purchased its stocks on September 2nd 2020 or afterwards will not be entitled to receive the next dividends in 16th December 2020. This is because the person purchased the stocks after the Ex-Dividend date. That is, when the stocks started trading without factoring in the next dividends on 16th December 2020. So the price of FedEx stock ($274.48 as at 3r November 2020) did not factor in the next dividend. It is trading at an Ex-Dividend price which is slightly lower.


Thses data come from yahoo finance.


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