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Imagine you work as an HR professional for the company you selected in the first assignment in Week 3. The company has been having issues with their current performance evaluation process. Some of the issues include the data collection process, proper documentation, and making appropriate decisions on employee performance. Your manager has asked you to evaluate and update their current performance evaluation process and present it as a training module to a group of new supervisors in your organization. Apply the revised or improved evaluation process to the specific job you created in the Week 3 assignment. Note that your manager has asked you to present the new process in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. 


Based on what you know about performance evaluations, use the Strayer Library or the Internet to research and select a performance evaluation tool that you believe is best suited for your company. Create a PowerPoint presentation with speaker’s notes to present this new tool to new supervisors. In your presentation: 

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  1. Explain the benefits of using performance evaluations.
  2. Assess the existing performance evaluation used in the organization.
  3. Create a sample of the performance evaluation tool you selected for your company.
  4. Justify the selection of the performance evaluation tool.
  5. Develop a detailed, step-by-step description of the evaluation process.

The PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides and their corresponding speaker’s notes, in addition to a title slide and references slide. Include graphics as needed to improve, enhance, or clarify the content.


The company that I was working with in the past was a company that was involved with making and storing aircraft equipment. They were involved with selling and manufacturing aircraft parts to improved military missions. The company has many engineers who are involved in the processes and the are the subject matter experts. This company has existed for many years, but recently it has been facing stiff competition from new entrants who are threatening its existence. The company has decided to take a course of action to strategically achieve an advantage over the rival companies (Dharmadasa, 2010). The company’s mission statement is to fly, fight and win. Airpower anytime, anywhere meaning we are ready 24/7 365 days a year. The company is very strategic by sending employees through the necessary training to learn every aircraft that will be on that military installation where they are stationed.

The position that has been advertised is the position of a public relations officer. This is because the company is highly dependent on the public as a market. There is a need to have good terms among them. The position’s qualification is that the person should have at least a bachelor’s degree in public administration or human resource. The individual must know about small details of the job to explain what might happen and the necessary precaution to deal with the damages that might arise (Azhary & Kriyantono, 2018). The candidate for the position must have at least five years of working experience with a notable company and a recommendation letter from the previous employer or commander. The candidate must be able to speak and write in English. If the candidate can speak and write in different languages it allows the company to access a bigger market. Another criterion for qualification includes certificates from the trainings attended, and there is also a need to have the technical skills which have been obtained from the working experience.

The roles to be played by the public relations officer are all aimed at improving the company image and reputation while at the same time paying close attention to the company mission and the vision statement (Dharmadasa, 2010). The company is known to rely on the public as a source of the market and recommendations. Good public relations are a guarantee that there will be a positive recommendation and the betterment of the recruiting; hence the company can be in a better position to compete with the new entrants. The vision of the company is to ensure that there are highly skilled individuals to maintain all jobs globally. The public relations officer roles, this can be addressed by ensuring that the people, organizational and accompanies are purchasing the products and making good use of them in the right manner (Azhary & Kriyantono, 2018). The other essential role of duties to be played by the newly employed public relation officer is to ensure that the company acts strategically as the public and the stakeholders have recommended. One of the strategies is to involve the stakeholders in the meetings and the workshops to see how everyday operations from the base tie into being used and enabling them to come to terms with the improving technologies (Azhary & Kriyantono, 2018). The strategic methods to be used by the public relations officer is to help aid the clients to educate them and make them aware of any upcoming new techniques or equipment.

The public relations officer is an essential professional in the company or an organization. He or she performs some essential roles in the organization, and the occupation should never be ignored. The purpose of the job is that he or she will be involved in the protection and the improvement of the company’s reputation and image. The individual is also involved in the communication between the public and other stakeholders in press releases (Azhary & Kriyantono, 2018). When there is a need to have questions or the clients seek clarifications, the public relations officer is in a better position to deal with the inquiries. The purpose of them in the organization is also to deal with the crises and manage them. It is the department that is known to deal directly with the results of the outputs and the possible damages. By having a good public relation officer, there should be a decline in the number of cases and the emerging cases should or must be dealt with before it goes to base commander and damaging the reputation of the company and making the company incur added cost in the firm of paying fines and compensations (Azhary & Kriyantono, 2018). The officer also plays a role in representing the company in the press and other essential events, shows, and conferences.

It is good to have the role well defined and described and at the same time having the qualification of the candidates authenticated. There are many ways of making sure and ensuring that the right candidates are the ones being employed. This can be done by resume via emails or hiring systems. The attached transcripts from an accredited university and a recommendation letter that can be verified by contacting the references or visiting the headquarters of the former employers (“Prevailing wage laws, unions, and minority employment in construction,” 2017). The duties of the job must be in line with the vision and mission of the organization or company, to understand the roles clearly. It is better to go through the requirements and the employment rules to avoid any possible compromise. This can be arranged by taking the necessary measures to bring candidate on board. The duties can be identified through checking the existing position and causing an error between the company and the stakeholders. The position is formed due to the need to have a more legal framework to deal with the complaints. They are involved in the requirement by the law (“Prevailing wage laws, unions, and minority employment in construction,” 2017). They are the ones that put the organization in a better position to avoid a possible lawsuit or risk public embarrassment. They are active members in attempts to deal with a possible privacy interference and the safeguarding of privacy. They are also formed to be part of the requirement in the laws.


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