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After completing the module readings, think about what you have read, and pull upon any HR experience you may have. Then, in your own words, write one or two paragraphs explaining the competencies needed by HR professionals and why HR certification is important. Title your post 1-2 Competencies needed by HR Professionals.


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1-2 Journal: Competencies Needed By HR Professionals
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Strategic Human Resource Management

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Strategic Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is sometimes undermined in many businesses and organizations, but its really key factor to many of the enterprises. In the past, the Human Resource personnel have been educated on the capabilities to manage and supervise workers at the work premises. That the biggest primarily administrative role they achieve in ensuring that inner grievances are handled in the office and also outside with the right rules put in place. In many enterprises many Human Resources personnel make administrative decisions on behalf of other workers in the workplace. The decision made by small personnel in the management positions cannot deliver all the administration processes that why there is a need for the HR management to be more strategic contributor to the economy.

For any organization to improve on many strategic activities they need to have stable and consistency in internal activities. If an enterprise encourages to expand in some product-line they need to develop very good financial and marketing policies to ensure they secure profits in their sales (Borges, 2018). Human Resource management can successfully transform to a strong strategic enterprise through adopting a strong internal financial function which provides enough funds to facilitate rapid expansion of many goods to be produced and supplied in the market (Goswami, 2018). Strategic advantage helps in ensuring that the customers of many goods are satisfied through proper outlined distribution channels and well known and trusted promotion policies.

Strategic Human Resource Management also helps the organizations to be globally competitive through developing of technology which helps them to secure more capital due to high number of customers (Katou, 2019). Strategic Human Resource Management helps in ensuring that the data collected in the enterprises helps the personnel in making decisions in the firms. In addition, strategic Human Resource Management also helps in unlocking the potential and passion of many employees regardless of sex and gender.


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