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You are to review the below responses and add comments to their selections

In response to your peers, address the following:

· Compare your views on personal and professional success. How do they differ?

· Share your opinion about the organization identified in the post and its success. Do you agree that this organization is successful? Why or why not?

· Share your thoughts about the importance of the non-financial success parameters identified in the post.


Apple Inc. is a very successful company.  It is the first successful personal computer company. Found in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It is what brilliant innovations is all about. They have given the world revolutionary technology.  They have given us the iPhone, Macs, iPads, Apple watches, iTunes, and Apple TV to name a few products.  They have a huge following. Apple people are very loyal. They believe they will get exceptional technology.  They line up and wait for the new products to hit the market.  So what makes them so successful? They provide quality products, and the brand is always updating and releasing new versions of the products to meet the expectations they get from their customers.  Apple wants to give their customer products that are beautiful and elegant, and they have done that. They are real quality products.

                Their brand is infamous for their ever changing products and new releases and with each release they bring something that wasn’t on the previous model and the public loves it. The more updates to the phones keeps them coming in for something they didn’t realize they wanted before.  The range of their products have changed from just personal computers to so much more. They sells phones to watches to online music and movie providers.  And with all this they are still updating some their products day to day, like their streaming services, which pull more people in. And they are known for their great customer service both online and in person. Their main goal is to fill whatever needs the customer has and this had led to their huge success in sales.  They communicate with the consumers, hear what they do or don’t want and provide great service.  They are always ahead of their competitors  and their policy is to stay 2 years ahead of the market. This is how they achieve their success. They are creative, innovative and please their consumers but giving them what they want and what they don’t know what they want yet.

                Other than finance, organizations needs many metrics to be successful. First they need production teams, local or global to make the products. Without them there is nothing. A good purchasing dept to get the parts needed at a good cost so they can produce them.  Then they need great marketing to get their product seen by the world. They need a wonderful sales teams to sell their products to the public.  If there are issues with the product they need customer service to help the consumers with the problems.  With all this labor they have to have good leaders and human resources to take care of the employees.  They need to train and motivate their employees to do their jobs no matter what department they are in so they can sell the products and be successful.


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An organization that in my opinion is successful is jetBlue Airways. The airline has achieved multiple goals of theirs over the years. JetBlue Airways had launched their Mint Cabin in 2013. Their Mint Cabin is the airlines version of what other airlines would refer to as Business-class seats. JetBlue Airway’s Mint seats have a lay-flat seat feature and also have suite options onboard. In addition, jetBlue Airways announced their transatlantic routes to soon begin within the near future. (“JetBlue Airways”, 2021). JetBlue Airways was able to expand their airline, aircrafts and routes on their own without having to be involved in a merge or acquisition with another airline, as other airlines have had to do. JetBlue Airways to have tremendously expanded in such a short time frame, going from a domestic air-carrier to an offering (South American and now transatlantic routes), jetBlue Airways is nothing less of a success story.

For an organization to be successful, an organization needs to be employee-oriented. Employee feedback should be taken into consideration before implementing any new policies or procedures. (Clark, D., 2019). For an organization to succeed, their employees need to be satisfied with their job and organization. Employees want to know that their employee’s voices are being heard. They also want to know that the decisions the organization implements would be beneficial for them, instead of affecting them. Thus, employees contribute to the success of the organization as they assist the organization with achieving their goals and objectives. Employees are an asset to an organization and contributor to their overall success.


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