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NAME: DATE: March 22, 2021

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INSTRUCTIONS: This week, you will begin the process of researching and drafting your final resarch paper. The paper will be on a topic of your choosing. The best paper topics are topics that either work within what you belive your major will be, or on a topic you have genuine personal curiosity about. The paper must be researched using primarily academic sources, and like all academic papers, work to try to give the reader new insights and ideas (or even facts in some cases) into the topic selected.

The assignments and deadlines for the rest of the semester are all built with the final paper in mind.

The final paper project is as follows:

· PROPOSAL: the proposal for the final paper, which you will complete online on Wednesday, March 31.

· RESEARCH for the final paper, which will take place in the next several weeks, possibly up until the final paper is submitted. That is your decision.

· DRAFT: roughly a 3-page draft of the final paper, due Midnight on April 22.

· ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY of what you consider the primary sources for your final paper (at least three), due Midnight on April 29.

· IN-CLASS PRESENTATION, 5-10 minutes, discussing your thesis and what you learned from your research – possibly including information or facts that may not be a part of your final draft – to be presented on May 3.

· FINAL DRAFT of the paper, 6-8 pages long (not including the works cited/bibliography) due at Midnight on May 7.

Be aware that points for the grade are due at each of these stages. Classes will be used to help workshop your project, strategize for your research, think about alternative methods of research (including personal interviews and visits), and at least two personal reviews of your drafts – one with me, a second with a classmate.

HealthCMi. “Obama’s Weight Loss Program & Health Reform.” HealthCMi CEUs, 20 June 2020, www.healthcmi.com/Nursing-News-and-Information/241-michelleobamaweightlossprogram99924.

This article is talking about the program launched by michelle obama that is focused on educating parents and schools about affordable yet healthy food options along with exercise options and ways to change in school feeding. The launch of this program resulted in vendors to be required to put nutrition facts on snacks sold. The program was put into motion due to “approximately 30% of children in the united states being overweight and doubling in rate since 1980.” Officials expect one third of children to suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease which is the leading cause of death in america. The health reform law sees obesity reduction as a way to reduce illness in america.

“The Emotional Toll of Obesity.” HealthyChildren.org, www.healthychildren.org/English/health-issues/conditions/obesity/Pages/The-Emotional-Toll-of-Obesity.aspx#:~:text=The%20Emotional%20Toll%20of%20Obesity%201%20Social%20Stigma.,…%204%20Emotional%20Eating.%20…%205%20Discrimination.%20.

This article is talking about the mental effects that come with obesity. It is talking about life through the lens of a child that is obease. It addresses the myth that bigger people are happy to be big but in a society that favors being slim it makes it hard for an obease person to accept their bodies. The article talks about the social stigmas that come with being obease and how heartbreaking they can be for a child that is obease. It talks about how obease people feel as if they don’t belong anywhere and how that leads to depression. The article also addresses emotional eating.

Spurlock, Morgan, et al. “Super Size Me Summary.” GradeSaver, www.gradesaver.com/super-size-me/study-guide/summary.

This article is about the film’s super size. In the film supersize it a man does and experiment where he places himself on a diet of strictly mcdonalds foods. Although this is and experiment this option of only having Mcdonalds is a real reality for a lot of people and families in america. A Lot of families don’t have enough money to afford the healthier options of food that is needed to sustain a healthy diet. In the first 5 days of the experiment the test subject managed to gain 5 pounds. Along with those pounds his enthusiastic energy faded to more of lethargic manner his girlfriend reported that he began to remove himself from his life not being and energetic as he once was and she thought that he was slipping into a sort of depression. The subject also reported stomach pains along with other health issues.


Joseph fadorko

25 April, 2021

Mason Peebles

Think about food in a different way. Its not just food its fuel . Its important ,why? Find positive way to lose weight

Americans have become so consumed by their everyday life and tight schedules that they dont give adequate attention to their food habits. In the United states 68% of people are obease and 30.3 million people are diabetics. Food has become an issue in America that people brush off thinking that they have time to change it.

American citizens must take action early on and be diligent in changing their food eating habits in order to keep from spiraling downhill. Eating is not just fulfilling your hunger, The food you consume plays a major part in both your physical and mental health. Taking your diet importance lightly can lead you to a life with health complications mentally and physically.

When It first comes to mind most people think as I do “ how harmful can it be , it’s just food it can’t do too much harm. In america the leading cause of death is heart disease, what does that have to do with food you may be asking yourself. A Lot of the processed foods and goods that are exported and created have harmful elements that increase our chances of having heart complications later on in life. As of recent years food productions companies have begun to put warning labels on processed foods such as bacon, hotdogs, ham, and other processed meats. This label is a warning telling consumers that eating these foods have a direct correlation to risk of cancer.

The activity of a person who is at the ideal weight will look much different than a person who is obease. The person who is more in shape is going to be able to be more involved in activities because they aren’t dealing with the complications of obesity. Picture two children one in shape and the other obease.

The two kids can grow up in the same neighborhood, go to the same school and have the same friends but the way that they are going to interact with other peers is going to be a lot different. When all the kids decide that they want to have fun and go to the swimming pool the kid that is inshape doesnt think twice about going but for the kid that is obease this is one of their worst nightmares.

That child would do anything so that they wouldn’t have to take their shirt off and be embarrassed by the looks and comments from the other kids. As the child grows up This fear of being pointed out turns into a for of anxiety. Even if that person that was obease as a child isn’t obease as an adult that trauma and uncomfortability is still there.

Every doctor visit and check up that child is reminded that he or she is obease. The Constant criticism about their body, what they need to fix and change begins to tear this person down. Imagine people that are like you being frowned upon, you had no control over how you were created but people are constantly shaming and judging you .

The looks and comments that obease people receive makes them feel as if they are not human at all. In the new environment that we live in where everything is green and healthy obease people are constantly set as examples of what not to be. This treatment makes people shut down and go into a state of depression. It leaves you not wanting to interact with people or even leave your house which in the end will just add to the problem.

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